Graduate Student School Outreach Program

Cornell University


The Graduate Student School Outreach Program (GRASSHOPR) pairs Cornell graduate students with teachers in Tompkins County and Geneva to teach 3- to 5-session mini-courses on topics related to the graduate student's field or interests. Teachers and graduate students share the benefits of exchanging ideas as they develop a curriculum, while K-12 students experience new mentors eager to share knowledge and excitement about their field of study.

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Graduate Students

The 2019-2020 Graduate Student Fellow application is now open! CLICK HERE TO APPLY.

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2019-2020 Teacher application will open soon. Please contact us/email us if you would like to be notified when the application opens.

Presenting our 2017-2018 Graduate Fellows

What do our participants say about GRASSHOPR?

"GRASSHOPR offered the unique opportunity for me to share my scientific interests with students just beginning to understand the natural world. It was very rewarding to see the enthusiasm the students shared for the material I was presenting, asking truly fundamental questions." - Fellow

“Students were able to see this really cool young person who was a working scientist. This really broke down some mental barriers. It was great for them to hear about her work in the field.” - Teacher response when asked "Best part of GRASSHOPR?"

“The graduate students brought insight and fresh learning into the classroom environment. They were a great role model for my female students about women in science.” - Teacher response when asked "Best part of GRASSHOPR?"

“Previous to this, I was pretty confident that I wanted to teach at the University level. Now I think I would be just as happy teaching at the high school or middle school level." - Fellow

"I left the first GRASSHOPR course thinking ‘I want to teach 4th graders.’ The GRASSHOPR experience reinforced my goals to pursue multi-age education and outreach as at least a component of my future career.” - Fellow

“GRASSHOPR helped me realize that I enjoy teaching much more than research, and will be looking for these sorts of jobs post-grad.” - Fellow

"I enjoyed watching the light bulb shine for some of the students. I could literally see some having "Aha" moments" - Fellow

"The best part of my experience was when students came up after class to ask how I got to where I was. The nature of my course exposed students to careers in several different education levels and interests within the food/agriculture sector (academic, regulatory, agriculture, nutrition, food industry, transportation, health department, retail), so I think it gave some insight into or options for alternative careers paths (which was one of the course goals)." - Fellow