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How can I get screen captures of my flight?

On iOS devices, you can capture the screen by pressing the sleep/wake button and the Home button simultaneously. A great way to get shots is to tap PAUSE, then use the view direction control to compose the scene, and then tap HIDE MENU to remove the control overlay. Captured images appear in your camera roll.

Why do my wingmen get shot down easily in some missions but not in others?

The AI (Artificial Intelligence) in FA-18 Hornet allows for differing skill levels for all pilots, enemy and friendly, and is selected during mission design to create a desired effect. For example, in some missions your wingmen may less skilled to place a larger burden on you. In others, they may be highly skilled — but likely so too will be your opponents. Its all about gameplay and providing the most variety across missions in a campaign.

How do I complete this one specific mission?

Although carefully designed to be "solved" using your pilot skills and your wit and cunning, some missions are just harder than others. The briefings contain clues , but if you get stuck don't hesitate to get in touch. I'd love to hear your feedback. support@graphsim.com

Is there a user manual ?

You’ll find the USER MANUAL link within the HELP (circle ?) button from the main page. This will open the document in your web browser so it’ll be easy to navigate. This manual covers just the user interface sections of the game, including the SORTIE editor. Details on actually flying your Hornet aircraft are covered in the FLIGHT SCHOOL section.

Can I transfer my game progress to another of my iOS devices ?

Within the HORNET App, look in the SETTINGS page and enable "iCloud" on the device that has the pilot name you want to used on all devices. Then enable the in-app "iCloud" SETTING on the second device. The best mission results from each device will be merged into the cloud and will be used on both devices.

Why can't I see some aircraft on my radar?

When using RWS, TWS or VS A/A radar modes, the scan beam remains parallel to the earth (stabilized) regardless of the aircraft pitch. Enemy targets that are above or below the scan volume cannot be detected. The ACM modes project the scan volume with the aircraft body (destabilized), so pitching up or down also changes aims the scan volume.

How can I order my wingman to attack a AIR target?

The wingmen will accept orders to attack an aircraft that you designate with your A/A radar in any mode. To accept the order, your wingman must have missiles or cannon rounds and the target must be identified as enemy.

How can I order my wingman to attack a GROUND target?

The wingmen will accept orders to strike AAA and SAM with a HARM, or ground vehicles and AAA with MAVs. They MUST have appropriate weapons to accept the order. To pick a target for your wingman, you can use your HARM, A/G radar, FLIR or A/G radar (for active radar sources, like AAA and SAM). The wingmen don't accept bombing orders from you.

Do you have a list of compatible game controllers?

The app supports a standard defined by Apple called MFi (Made for iPhone). Controllers are either "Standard" or "Extended" and either attached or wireless. An extended controller allows your to steer the aircraft using a thumb joystick, whereas the standard type still uses accelerometers or touchpad for steering.

Do you have any tips for dogfighting?

Reach a speed of about 250-300 kts and engage AUTOSPEED by dragging the THRUST slider button to the right until the word AUTO appears. When the fight gets close, switch to Air Combat Maneuvering with RADAR: ACM. Check that sub-mode is VACQ for vertical acquisition. Select GO GUN and then GO SRM. Toggle the view back and forth between the enemy and your forward cockpit view direction with ENEMY and HORNET (the circle Hornet icon). Follow the aircraft into a hard turn. If your aircraft stall horn sounds, relax the stick just enough to maintain speed. As you "pull" the enemy into the dashed VACQ area on your HUD, enable Auto Acquisition with AACQ: ON. When the target is locked, maneuver a shoot solution and take him out.

NOTE: If a designated target moves out of reach of your radar and is dropped, AACQ must again be turned ON.

Can you explain the HUD altimeter modes?

The altimeter as displayed int he HUD operates in either Radar altitude (AGL, or above ground level) or barometric altitude (MSL, or mean sea level). You can switch this from MENU > HUD. The radar altimeter only works up to 5000 ft AGL, then reverts to barometric altitude and displays a blinking "B" to the right of the altitude.

Why is the cockpit view stuck in a "zoomed" state?

There are some hidden controls that affect the camera zoom. Tap the empty space just left of the ECM button to toggle cockpit visibility. Press and hold in this space to toggle between normal and zoom. The zoom is often helpful on smaller screen devices, and the mode is retained between flights. On the left side control overlay, press and hold in the empty space just right of the VIEW button to get a momentary super zoom, which is useful when padlocked to a target.