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Meet Grandpa. (Joe Lopez)

About Me.

Welcome To GFE Handy, Handyman Service.

Hi, I’m Joe Lopez, I’ve worked as an NYC union tradesman for over 25 years and in that time, have worked side by side with almost every construction trade out there, participating in the construction of some of the greatest structures in the world from small banks to many building such as One World Trade Center in Manhattan. 

However, throughout the years I’ve discovered that I have a gift for fixing things, just about everything in and outside of the house. That’s how the phrase: “Grandpa Fixes Everything” started. Something would go wrong and the first person that my family, friends, and neighbors would call was me. On my birthday my daughter bought me a plaque with a bunch of screws in it, that says: “If Grandpa Can’t Fix It, We’re All Screwed”.

 And here’s the best part of it, I enjoyed it. 

I found in time that what I really enjoyed are the small and medium jobs. I love the variety of it. It requires that I know a little something about everything and have experience with how all the trades work together. When I  was a new homeowner, I quickly realized how overwhelming home repairs are.  Nevertheless, when I’d come home from a hard day's work in NYC on top of a long commute the last thing that I wanted to do was fix things around the house.

I’m certain many people feel the exact same way. So my goal is to help customers worry less about the house, and more about enjoying life, If I can help customers with all of those to-do lists, no matter how big or small I’ve done my job. 

With that being said, even though I won’t personally be taking on those “Bigger Jobs” doesn’t mean that I can’t help. Because over the last 25-plus years I’ve been able to build amazing relationships with the best and most qualified and affordable professionals in all phases of service for your home, from house movers to house cleaners. So when I say Grandpa Fixes Everything I mean it. All you need to do is ask.

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