Mongaup Valley

United Methodist Church

Our Mission

To become one with God as we grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ, 

share our faith with others, and serve God's church, community and world.

(Updated on 9-8-2023)



1. Today is the Holy Communion Sunday.

 - Mongaup Valley UMC will join Grahamsville UMC at 10:30 am.

 - Special music will be offered by Esther and her friend during the 10:30 am worship.

2. (NEXT SUNDAY- 9/10) The Outdoor Ecumenical Sunday Worship, involving Grahamsville & Claryville Reformed Church and Grahamsville & Sundown & Mongaup Valley United Methodist Church, will take place on September 10th at 10 am at the Fairground.

 - The lunch (sandwich) will be served by the Grahamsville Reformed Church.

3. The last Bible study session will continue on Sept 7th (Thursday) at 6:30 pm.

  - For more information, contact Pastor Seung Jin.

4. The Sundown UMC's United Women in Faith group meets every Tuesday at 1 pm.

   - For more information, please kindly contact Debi Vurckio at 845-985-7559

5. The Upcoming Information Session of Ignite Youth Conference is on Sept. 7th at 8 pm via Zoom.

6. NYAC Youth Ignite Conference will be from Sept. 29 to Oct. 1st.

  - Here is the sign-up link:

  - For more information about previous youth conference check out this YouTube link:

7. Mongaup Valley UMC (Clothing Giving Day) is on Sept 16th (Sat.) from 10am to 12 pm.

8. The PPRC meeting is on Sept. 21st at 10 am.

9. The GUMC Administrative Council Meeting is on Sept 21st.

10. The Food Pantry is on Sept 22nd (Fri.) at 1 pm.

   - Please contact Mary Lee Haag at 845- 985-2455 for more information.

11. 2023 Sundown UMC Chicken BBQ is on September 23rd (Sat.) from 4 pm to 7 pm.

  - For BBQ tickets, please contact Ken TerBush at 845-693-1034 or John Barnum at 845-985-7065 or Pastor Seung Jin.

12. 2023 Combined Charge Conference is scheduled on Oct. 28th (Saturday).

  - please check out the forms on the NYAC website:

13. We are in search of Sunday School teachers and volunteers for the church's next future church. Please contact Pastor Seung Jin for more information.
14. Happy Birthday!  

- Shawn Alvord (3rd), Marcia Fink (4th), Juyeon Song (8th)


Cathy M. - Healing prayers for her brother, John, who has heart issues but is doing well

Pauline K. - Continued prayers for Barbara B. who is now home

Skee H. - Prayers for healing for Paul. Prayers for the family of Charlie who died unexpectedly this week

Marcia F. - Continued prayers for Wolfie, her friend's grandson for his health issues. And prayers for Ernest and Sandra to obtain joint custody of their step granddaughter.

Theresa W. - Prayers for her best friend, Tootie, who is dealing with serious health problems

Jona H. - Prayers for the family of John Sauchuk who passed away this week.  Prayers for Larry Shaver who is in the hospital and for strength for the family.  Prayers for the Dexhiemer family and the health and caring of George and Carol

Pastor - Pray for all the young people of our church who are the future of this church. Pray for the whole church that it's faith remains strong

Nick S. - Continued prayers for him and his family as he continues with dialysis and waits for a new kidney

We appreciate your genuine consideration, dedication, and support, 

which empowers the community of faith in Grahamsville & Sundown to operate the goodness 

and beauty of God to the world and the loving ministry to the local mission field.

Sundown UMC Worship :  Sun. 8:30 AMGrahamsville UMC Worship : Sun. 10:30 AMMongaup Valley UMC Worship : Sun. 10:30 AM (Via Zoom)The first Sunday of the month - Sun. at 1 :00 PM (Holy Communion)

350 Main St. (Po Box 86), Grahamsville, NY, 12740

 - Contact  -Pastor Seung Jin Hong Landline # (845)-985-2283 Text # (845) 693-0889‬ E-mail :

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