Mongaup Valley

United Methodist Church

Our Mission

To become one with God as we grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ, 

share our faith with others, and serve God's church, community and world.

(Updated on 04-14-2024)


1. Grahamsville UMC Sunday School is available during worship. Please join us in worship.

2. The Grahamsville Choir practice is every Thursday.

3. The GUMC Administrative Council Meeting is on April 18th (Thur.) at 7 pm.

4. The Grahamsville Thrift shop date is on April 20th (Sat.) from 9 am to 12 pm.

- Please contact Ruth (845-985-7222) for more information.

5. The Mongaup Valley UMC (Clothing Giving Day) is on April 20th (Sat.) from 10 am to 12 pm.

6. 2024 UMC General Conference is from April 23 to May 3.

   - Please pray for the future of the UMC and leaders & delegations.

7. Pastor will be out of town for the Orange Conference 2024 from the 22nd to the 25th.

8. The Catskill-Hudson District Conference will be held on May 5th (Sat.) from 9 am to 12 pm at Trinity UMC in Hudson, NY.

9. Happy Birthdays this week!

   - Matthew Conjura (12th) & Jessica Dymond (15th) & Jon Shamro (15th)


Karen T. - Prayers for Teresa who is having neck surgery this week.

Deborah E. - Thanksgiving for healing and that she no longer has to wear a sling.

Pastor - Thanks for all the well-behaved and participation of children in service today. Prayers for the volatile political situation between Mexico and Ecuador. Prayers for peace amid escalating tensions in the Middle East as Israel bombs the Iranian embassy.

Jona H. - Prayers for her sister, Peggy, who is dealing with medical issues.

Hannah C. - Prayers for healing for her mom.

Christian C. - Prayers for his sister.

Louise D. – Praise for Clue Warren becoming member of NHS

Maureen H. – Prayers for John Son shoulder surgery

Ken T. – All people’s safety during an eclipse.

We appreciate your genuine consideration, dedication, and support, 

which empowers the community of faith in Grahamsville & Sundown to operate the goodness 

and beauty of God to the world and the loving ministry to the local mission field.

Sundown UMC Worship :  Sun. 8:30 AMGrahamsville UMC Worship : Sun. 10:30 AMMongaup Valley UMC Worship : Sun. 10:30 AM (Via Zoom)The first Sunday of the month - Sun. at 1 :00 PM (Holy Communion)

350 Main St. (Po Box 86), Grahamsville, NY, 12740

 - Contact  -Pastor Seung Jin Hong Landline # (845)-985-2283 E-mail :

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