Grahamsville & Sundown &
Mongaup Valley

United Methodist Church

Announcements (Updated on 09-24-2022)

1. The next Holy Communion is on October 2nd (Next week on Sunday).

- The Mongaup Valley UMC Sunday Service will be at 1 pm.

2. Every Friday "Prayer Night" at Grahamsville UMC from 6:30 to 7:00 pm.

3. "Husband and Wife" Bible study (1 Corinthians) starts on August 16th at 7 pm at the Barnes' house in Grahamsville.

- Contact Amanda Barnes at or call 845-538-6145.

4. Bible Reading & Prayer Group Meeting is on Wednesday night at 7 pm.

5. Thank you to all of the Sundown Church families that prepped and served the delicious chicken BBQ for the entire neighborhood.

6. The next Grahamsville UMC Thrift Sale is, On October 8th from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

- Donations are accepted in the thrift building on Tuesdays from 9:30-11:30 am or by appointment.

- Please call Lee (985-3128) or Ruth (985-7222) for more information.

- Special thanks for all the hard work of volunteers to support the church and community.

7. The Mongaup Valley UMC "Clothing Giving Day" is on October 15th, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

8. The Grahamsville Trustee Meeting is on September 26th, Monday at 6:30 p.m.

9. The East Sullivan Cooperative Parish Charge Conference will be on October 15th.

- The charge conference report must be submitted by October 7th.

10. "Life after loss" 8 weeks program start on October 3rd at 7 pm.

(Facilitated by Jennifer Perito at Colonial Memorial Funeral Home)

- For information or to register, visit or call 845-866-1689.

11. Feel free to contact the pastor for any counseling, spiritual & life consulting, Bible study & discussion, and faith mentoring, even your technical device issues without any charge! Call or leave your message anytime at 845-985-2283 or email

Special Prayers:

Cathy M. - Continued prayers for Nick. Prayers for her sister, Linda, whose having heart issues.

Pauline K. - Praise that her daughter-in-law, Theresa's cancer has not spread. Prayers for the politicians that they may seek God's wisdom and the wishes of the people in our country and around the world.

Shirley D. - Prayers for Julia that her bloodwork results are normal. Traveling mercies for Jason. Praise for 46 years of marriage for her and Larry!

Karen T. - Prayers for grandson, Jacob, that his kidney issues can be resolved. Prayers for a young girl who just found out she has cancer.

Bob L. - Prayers for their daughter, may she know what's most important in this world.

Marcia F. - Praise that Pastor Seung Jin is safely back in America.

Pastor - Prayers for the victims of the fighting and the economic crisis's happening around the world.

Nick S. - Pray for him as he is still recovering and healing in a Virginia hospital and that he can return home soon. Prayers for his family as they support him.

We appreciate your genuine consideration, dedication, and support, which empowers the community of faith in Grahamsville & Sundown to operate the goodness and beauty of God to the world and the loving ministry to the local mission field.

Our Mission

To become one with God as we grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ, share our faith with others, and serve God's church, community and world.

Sundown Church Worship : Sun. 8:30 AMGrahamsville Church Worship : Sun. 10:30 AMMongaup Valley Church Worship : Sun. 10:30 AM (Via Zoom)The first Sunday of the month - Sun. at 1 :00 PM (Holy Communion)

350 Main St. (Po Box 86), Grahamsville, NY, 12740

- Contact -Pastor Seung Jin Hong Landline # (845)-985-2283 / Text # (845) 693-0889‬ e-mail :

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