A Working Hi-Hat for Cocktail Drum Kits!

If you are a drummer looking for an ultra-portable kit, you may have found the cocktail-style drum kits of the 1940's to be perfect option, except for one important detail - because these kits are played standing-up, they never have a functioning (opening and closing) hi-hat... until now!

This is a DIY project that is available to the public for free. It is not patented, and published via Defensive Publication on Youtube in 2015 and Modern Drummer Magazine in May 2016 (published April 2016).

A Game-Changer

The Graham Pedal Hi-Hat System adds this long-missing feature to a compact drum kit design that's been around for decades.

No kit modifications are required. Just swap-out the old pedal with this stand-alone unit, connect a cable-driven remote hi-hat, and the cocktail kit is transformed! The Graham Pedal can be set up for left or right-handed players.

Not Just For Cocktail Kits

The Graham Pedal is configured either with an inverted cam (beater hitting-upward) for cocktail kit use, or as a normal bass drum pedal. You can build it either-way.

This can be useful for drummers who can no longer sit and play due to back pain or other health issues.

It Began with The Green Machine

Inventor Andy Graham created his first dual-action bass drum/hi-hat pedal in 2015 on his Green Machine Cocktail Kit.

Surprising even himself with the ease of the new playing technique, the Green Machine became his main kit and has been ever since.

After posting several YouTube videos of the pedal system, Andy submitted the Green Machine to Modern Drummer Magazine and it was published in the May 2016 issue - Drum Kit of the Month.