Principal's Message

I welcome you all to Govt. Postgraduate College Samanabad Faisalabad with pride. It is an honour and privilege to be the Principal of this college, the college that stands for excellence and continuously sets the highest standards, the college that is alma mater which all alumni look back to with fond memories, the college that has given this country many distinguished personalities and great leaders in diverse fields. Continuing with more that 6900 students the said college is considered among the best and most sought throughout Punjab (Pakistan). It is an exciting time at our college and I am committed to a positive difference in the educational outcomes for all students. Our teaching staff has been focusing on setting High Academic expectation for all our students and providing supporting systems to assume they are guided by our core values of respect, responsibility doing your best and honesty. We have been working hard to shape a positive R and D Culture; set high standards; enhance academic expectations for all our students and engage with the community. It is our goal to ensure that all students exceed their potential and get access to a diverse and engaging education. Our college focuses on value adding to all students accepting that the individuals have different academic abilities and social and development needs that require supporting and nurturing to ensure maximum development. Our college infrastructure will ensure that as students grow and develop throughout their education journey they will be able to access the individualized programmes that cater for their needs and ensure a suitable pathway in future education and employment. As a Principal of this prestigious college I am to match up even more scintillating success for the college. I will do my best, hoping for my staff and students to put in their best efforts.

I would like to invite you and your family to experience our college that boasts a unique teaching and learning system, a culture of academic excellence and closed supervision of outstanding students. The college is also providing guidance and supervision upto M. Phil/ Ph. D to uphold Tradition of never resting on its laurels. The College introduced M. Phil/Ph. D degree programme in subjects of Chemistry, Islamic Studies and Urdu (suspended for the time being). Moreover BS Programs in 18 Disciplines have been commenced with objective of equipping our students with the Latest Professional life skills inculcating novel and creative analytical approach.

My good wishes to all.


  1. Establishment of Different committees for the smooth running of academic and management affairs.

  2. Implementation of Worthy Prime Minister’s Vision Clean and Green Pakistan (In accordance with Govt. direction vide No. SO(QEU)Misc-XIII/2018 dated 26.12.2018).

  3. Publishing of College Magazine and Newsletter on regular basis.

  4. Establishment of book bank, blood bank for students and community welfare.

  5. Arrangements of study visits/tours/trips of well-known organizations/ institutions/agencies and other interrelated R&D establishments to broaden the spectrum of vision of the students.

  6. Documentary of Eminent students/Scholars and Ex-Principals/ Documentary of M. Phil & Ph. D staff/ Documentary of different departments and attractive places with brief introduction.

  7. Up-gradation and renovation of Postgraduate Labs, establishment of High Tech Central Lab.

  8. Initiation of Research and Development (R&D) culture in college campus and establishment of science museum.

  9. Up-gradation and extension of selected departments for M.Phil & Ph. D programmes for Industry Academia linkage/ Technology Transfer through cordial relationships

  10. Establishment of Office of Research, Innovation, Collaboration and Coordination (ORIC) through Deans of Sciences and Arts and launching of Best Teacher, Student of the year, Role of Honour awards along with letter of appreciations.

  11. Establishment of Directorate of Students Affairs (DSA)/ Directorate of Advance Studies (DAS), Director Planning and Development (DPD), Director Research (DR) and Director Academics and QEC (DAQEC).

  12. Activation of Academic Societies/ Clubs through active role of HODs especially science subjects to bridge curricular, co-curricular & extra-curricular activities among the students.

  13. Revival and up-gradation of Proctorial and Tutorial Group System through active participation of Proctorial and Tutorial Boards.

  14. Establishment of Carrier Planning and Counseling Centre for future carrier guidance and job placements.

  15. Establishment of Student, Teacher and Parent Collaboration Centre (STPC)

  16. Enhancement of PEEF Scholarships for students by the Honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan and worthy Chief Minister of the Punjab.

  17. Involvement of Alumni for betterment of the students/ focusing on Career Planning and Counseling job fairs/ special talks with their collaboration and coordination.

  18. To make Examination System more effective and efficient through one window operation

  19. Transparent Recruitment of CTIs Honorary Staff etc. purely on merit basis.

  20. Establishment of Data Center through linkages of Video Conference room and Digital Library through College website/webpage.



The classes for BS (Morning Session) start from 04-11-2020

The classes for BS (Evening Session) start from 16-11-2020




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