Justin Gottschlich

Lead Artificial Intelligence Researcher, Programming Systems Research

Principal Investigator and Co-Founder, Intel/NSF CAPA Research Center

Brief Bio: I am the lead artificial intelligence researcher for programming systems research at Intel Lab. I'm also the principal investigator and co-founder of the joint Intel/NSF CAPA research center.

I perform research in artificial intelligence with a focus on machine programming, anomaly detection, deep learning, and autonomous systems. I also oversee and guide the research vision of a few different research teams at Intel, Brown, MIT, Stanford, and UW. I also oversee an industrial collaboration between Intel and BMW on anomaly detection for autonomous vehicles.

I am deeply interested in machine programming. As such, in 2016 I co-founded the machine learning and programming languages (MAPL) workshop and was its program and general chair in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

I was previously the director of engineering at Machine Zone, where I oversaw the engineering of Game of War and Mobile Strike. I am an adjunct professor at the University of Colorado-Boulder where I occasionally run a neural network design course. When not doing research, I work on my online gaming software company, Nodeka, LLC, which I founded in 1999.

My (somewhat dated) CV is here. I have around 30 peer reviewed publications and around 20 issued patents (complete listing of my issued patents) with over 50 pending. I've given several dozen invited and research paper presentations at places like ASPLOS, BoostCon, BMW, CGO, IBM Research, PACT, Penn, VMWare Research, and UCLA. I've also been lucky enough to be recognized with a few best presentation awards (CGO '10, Raytheon ISaC '09, Intel SWPC '16).


PhD co-advisor: Irina Calciu, Brown University - VMWare

PhD committee member: Wenjia Ruan, Lehigh University - Qualcomm

PhD committee member: Mohammad Mejbah ul Alam - Intel Labs