Gotham Premier - Season: Fall 2019

The New York City Blood Bowl League is proud to host its fall veterans league season starting this August!

For this event spanning the rest of 2019, coaches are expected to bring out their very best team of veterans and stars from previous seasons in the NYCBBL. Names will be made, careers will be ended, and at the end of the season a new league champion will be crowned! This is a scheduled league event, so be sure to read through the rules before signing up!

To participate, you must have an existing team of any race in the NYCBBL OBBLM that has played a minimum of 10 games in any previous season. You can access the OBBLM via the top right link.

If you need assistance or are new to Blood Bowl, we are also running Farm leagues year round! Feel free to reach out via the #Blood-bowl channel on the Carcosa Slack or the NYCBBL facebook page:

This season is ticketed through the Carcosa Club, our friendly local gaming store in Williamsburg, NY.