The student-safe, teacher vetted way to access GIF images in the classroom!

There is a great hashtag started by Sam Carpenter (@CarpenterCougar), #GIFvocab, where words are explained through GIFs. Unfortunately, one of the major drawbacks is the PG-13 and up aspect of many GIFs (GIPHY, Tenor, etc.) that are available for students to use.

GoRogue EDU is fluent in GIF, and we wanted to create a SAFE zone for students and teachers to access appropriate GIF images.


  • Type a word in the search box to search for gifs containing that tag, or choose to browse all available GIFs.
    • GIFs4Kids is searchable in 27 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES (English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Dutch, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Polish, Afrikaans, Latin, Hindi, Urdu, Gaelic, Czech, Greek, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Welsh, Croatian, and Haitian Creole) with more being added very soon!
  • Found one you like? Right click on the image and select 'Save Image As".
    • Using Google Chrome and GSuite? Simply drag and drop the Gif into Slides/Docs in an other tab.


  • Chrome extension for drag and drop usage of GIFs
  • Repository of GIF-based classroom activities
  • Instructional videos and resources that demonstrate how to create/ use GIFs and instructional best practices (YouTube Channel)
  • #GIFEdChat

Want to help build the GIFs4Kids repository?

We'd LOVE your help! If you have a student friendly GIF that could be used for vocabulary, or just good, clean fun, please fill out our GIF SUBMISSION form.