Gordon Simmons Service Credit Union

Career Accomplishments of Gordon Simmons, Retired CEO of Service Credit Union

Gordon Simmons Service Credit Union Career Accomplishments

Gordon Simmons is the retired CEO of Service Credit Union and he had a wonderful career to raise the success of Service Credit Union. His career with Service Credit Union spanned an impressive 41 years.

He helped Service Credit Union to billions of dollars in assets and grew this ten fold during his career. He is an expert in banking, finances, credit unions, investing, money markets, and economics.

Gordon Simmons joined Service Credit Union back in 1974 and eventually became the President of Service Credit Union. Gordon dedicated himself to professionalism, excellence, support of the Service Credit Union movement, and moving forward the initiatives of all credit unions to assist their valued clients.

Below you will find some of Gordon Simmons career accomplishments.

Gordon Simmons Service Credit Union Leader From The Year 1974 to 2015

41 Year Career With Service Credit Union

Gordon served as CEO and President and Treasurer/Secretary of the Board of Directors of Service Credit Union from 1995 – 2015.

$2.7 Billion In Assets

Service Credit Union had more than $2.7 billion in assets upon Gordon's retirement in 2015. The Service Credit Union Gordon led became the largest New Hampshire-based credit union. On top of that it was also the largest state chartered financial institution in the state of New Hampshire. Further, it was the 60th largest in the entire United States beating out thousands of other credit unions.

52 Branches of Service Credit Union

Under Gordon's leadership Service Credit Union reached 52 branch offices. Within New Hampshire alone 34 of those branches existed.

Making Service Credit Union a Financial Force

Upon his becoming President and CEO or Service Credit Union in January 1995 Gordon. expanded services beyond basic savings, checking and loans.

Gordon led technological improvements that provided Service Credit Union’s vast membership 24/7 continual service and access to their financial accounts.

His product additions and accomplishments made the credit union relevant and viable, and a stiff competitor in the financial industry

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Gordon Simmons Service Credit Union Career Accomplishments

Gordon Simmons is a retired CEO with immense experience in the business. Specifically, Gordon's career spans way back to 1974 and ends in 2015. Throughout these four decades, Gordon served in various capacities in business management functions. While Gordon's list of career accomplishments and achievements is immense, this guide underscores some of the major ones. It also provides information about his life and more.

Which Areas Does Gordon Simmons Specialize

Born in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, Gordon Simmons Service Credit Union retired CEO is one of the most prolific business professionals and managers worldwide. Most of his over four decades of career experience involves participating in the Credit Union field. Gordon specializes in various professional career fields, with most of his experience coming from his early background in business management.

Education was also one of the crucial resources that helped Gordon soar to exceptional career heights. Some significant examples of Gordon's career achievements include his participation and graduation with a Business Degree from Utah University. Later on, Gordon's career exposure extended to the Master of Business Administration in Quantitative Analysis.

Gordon learned many vital values during his time at Utah university. Aside from getting a degree that would make him a licensed business professional, he also learned the critical factors in managing a successful company. For instance, Gordon learned of the importance of being able to innovate operational resources and structures continually. He also learned the importance of technology to provide consumers with novel solutions constantly.

It's a feat evident in Gordon's immense success when working for the Service Credit Union Company. Through this approach, Gordon could stand out from the average CEO, especially those in a similar capacity in other companies. It's also one of the main reasons that Gordon's portfolio attracted the county state of Pennsylvania.

Over the years, he has become a reputable business leader using strategic management and technological resources to succeed. Most of his achievements have been with the immense work done at the Credit Union company, which started working in 1974. Some of the significant areas that Gordon has specialized in include the finance, banking, investing, and economics fields.

Role as the Service Credit Union Leader

The role that Gordon served as a Credit union is among some of the most notable achievements he ever made throughout the years. Specifically, he served as the CEO of the company and the leader of the Finance department. Service Credit Union is a company with its main headquarters in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Gordon used his extensive career experience over the years to help improve his organization's asset ownership and levels. Notably, he is responsible for leading the company's helm to an average net worth of $3 billion in assets. Its achievement makes the company one largest business entities in the country based on financial statistics. Most of the success that allowed Gordon to achieve such a feat was his h2 personal values and knack for offering value to consumers.

During his tenure, Gordon oversaw the company's development, including developing various branch offices and operational facilities. One of the most notable ones was the Virtual Branch, which helped foster Gordon's relationship with the U.S. military. Gordon's experience in the military is one of the significant career highlights he made over the years. He didn't get the role based on an application or interview-based approach. Instead, the military had come across his exceptional portfolio and instantly saw the need to enlist Gordon as part of their operations management team.

While he joined the Credit Union early in the seventies, he became the CEO in 1995. The primary service for the company and for the years to come was checking and savings services. Gordon was also championing a technological-based approach to providing services and products.

During his tenure as CEO of the company, various improvements occurred, which helped the company's net asset value to soar. Some of the significant improvements that Gordon Simmons made include:

  • Leading improvements that focused on offering affordable Service Credit Union membership services.

  • The globalization of the company and its services.

  • The availability of continual service and access to financial accounts.

  • Strategic management measures aimed at achieving organizational excellence.

  • Performing competitor research for guaranteed value results for clients.

Military Experience

One of the main reasons Gordon is a stand-out professional is due partly to the exposure acquired when working with the military. He has also served as part of the country's Airforce and Army command headquarters.

It's an exceptional level of experience, allowing Gordon to participate in Department of Defense Liaisons. During this time, Gordon has served in several capacities for the military, which has improved his approach to achieving organizational excellence.

Gordon has also been part of the groups that initiated the European Credit Union Co-ordination Committee. Gordon's knack for quality also attracted the attention of the Military's Finance Plans and Operations department.

It is here where he served for the latter years of his experience in the military field. Once he left the Military, Gordon moved on to work with the State of Pennsylvania, specifically the finance department. One of the main reasons Gordon was prolific at working with the military was his h2 sense of personal values.

The military, at that point, had initially struggled with various financial initiatives, especially for veterans. However, they saw an opportunity in the wake of Gordon's immense work as an industry leader in the financial industry. The army enlisted Gordon to help overhaul the struggling financial and accounting departments, which he did with tremendous success.

Gordon Simmons Major Service Achievements

Gordon made various service achievements, with the central focus being on encouraging sustainable growth of the company. Even though Gordon joined the company while it was still relatively young, he realized the importance of using a strategic approach to expanding operations.

Most of Gordon's initiatives focused on offering optimal value while staying ahead of the competition. It also involved using evidence-based techniques, with a significant focus on the strategic use of technology for operational success. Below are some of the achievements plus a few details involved:

  • He introduced several online technology resources for the company, with most focusing on mobile applications and online financial resources. It also included making deposits, account funding, and management, a simple process for clients. Major initiatives he introduced at this point include WebDeposit24 and liveChat24 services.

  • Served as a Service Credit Union leader for over four decades, with the significant achievement of improving the company's net assets value. It also included improving the financial asset portfolio of the company to include loans, savings, and checking services. Gordon also initiated affiliations with online home banking and foreign exchange services to support this process.

  • Developed the shared branching initiatives for all the clients of the company. Specifically, this initiative involved providing clients' accounts with several unique applications, including surcharge-free ATM resources. It also included managing the over 30,000 user accounts that would use this service and offering practical solutions for their use worldwide.

  • Credit union merging resources. Gordon was also responsible for merging several credit unions and various bran offices to expand the company's offering. The credit union field significantly focused on offering its clients exceptional reach and membership. The merger this company made also extended to over ten counties in the region, thus helping to enlist different types of consumers.

  • Helped to evolve the functions and administrative status of the SCU company. Gordon was also part of the team that helped grow the company from a federal to state entity three years after becoming CEO. The process allowed the company to expand its membership portfolio and income levels throughout various regions.

  • Helped to improve the SCU membership levels by introducing U.S military forces to this initiative. The process also involved using a worldwide credit union or service, with the focus on offering optimal value. The method also allowed this organization to increase its organization excellence levels and consumer reach.

  • Increased the number of branches the company maintained to over 40 companies in number. The process also involved enlisting various new members and providing income generation benefits for its members. The role also involved finding ways of allowing members to access privileges such as loans and encouraging initiatives for company growth.

Last Achievements Before Retiring

Aside from making major operational leaps before retiring, Gordon also made various last-minute developments. While he could not oversee these ideas to fruition, the results are still evident in the company's operations. Below is a list of some of these initiatives that the Gordon Simmons Service Credit Union developed in offering beneficial services to consumers:

  • Started the Grand Fols AFB branch office to help improve service offerings.

  • Implemented the Guardian Angel CU merger and expanded operations to include state-wide membership benefits.

  • Started the Veterans program, which also focused on individuals in the military.

  • Started various Walmart branches across the country, with a significant focus on strategic development.

  • Incorporated various technological solutions to the company, including the Eye Print ID system for security.

As you have seen, Gordon Simmons is a prolific business professional with experience in many fields. His strong sense of personal values, a knack for improvement, and strategic management techniques helped make SCU an industry leader.