GoPro 2018 to Hero 5 Hack


A NitroJon Hack

To convert your GoPro Hero 2018 to a Hero5 Black, take the zip below, unzip it onto your camera's SD card into a folder named UPDATE (it should have four files in it).

Turn it on and wait.

After a few minutes it will give you a working GoPro Hero 5.

For more information, this came directly from the Reddit Post by u/ViralDOSWalker, in the subreddit r/GoPro.

You may have come across this website a while ago: been frustrated by the lack of instruction and other info out there.I bought a Hero 2018 yesterday and within an hour had it hacked into a Hero 5 Black.I still won't hold your hand, if you don't know how to zip/unzip, use windows command prompt etc. Essentially if anything below isn't clear enough - you probably shouldn't try this.Anyway, the missing information is:You need to have an UPDATE folder in the root of you sdcard with these 4 files :patched camera_firmware.bin from 2.6 Hero 5 firmwarecamera_loaders.binhd5_update.txt from 2.6 Hero 5 firmware zip and CAMLOAD:0 setcopy of hd5_update.txt renamed fwupdate.txt, CAMLOAD:0 setThe Hero 5 Black 2.6 firmware can be downloaded from the GoPro website under manual update, you will have to enter a serial number but plenty are available on the zip into a root folder called UPDATE on your sdcard and edit/create the text files as per above ensuring for both:CAMLOAD:0 CAMERA:1 HIBER:1The trouble I then had was, how do I modify the camera_firmware.bin?The clue is actually in the above link - the site shares a .diff file for download!Simply download and extract bspatch for windows from: copy camera_firmware.bin and's diff file into the bsdiff folder. Then from command prompt within the bsdiff folder run:bspatch camera_firmware.bin camera_firmware_patched.bin h5to2018.diffThis will patch the firmware, performing all the manual steps the site describes. Be sure to check the SHA1 checksum against the one on the site above (there are plenty of sites that let you do upload files & display the SHA1)Now copy camera_firmware_patched.bin back to the UPDATE folder on your sdcard and rename it camera_firmware.binYou should now have the above four files ready to go on the sdcard in a root folder called UPDATE. Insert the sim and turn on the camera, it will go through the update process."