The Good Place

"The Good Place" is the name of an NBC Comedy television show. This storybook is a fusion of The Good Place television show and the Mahabharata Indian Epics story with plot elements from both stories, characters from the Mahabharata, and an emphasis on karma. The show has a points system that is very similar to karma in Indian Epics. The number of points someone has at the end of their life determines whether they go to the Good Place (heaven) or the Bad Place (hell), and in Indian tradition these karma points also affect samsara, which is the cycle of rebirth. The point system becomes complicated because the points are a result of the consequences of the action, not the merit of the action itself. In the show for example, a man buys roses for his mom, which seems like it would result in more points, but it ended up losing him points because there were other factors in play (the roses came from a farm that was illegally smuggling bees, the flowers made his mom's allergies worse, etc.). This storybook takes place after Yudhishthira dies, and draws from story elements in the Mahabharata with some twists.

In Indian Epics, Chutragupta is Dharma's helper that keeps track of all the points, similar to the role of the accountants in the show that determine whether someone goes to the good or bad place. Indra's Swarga is where Yudhishthira ends up in Indian Epics, so Indra is like Michael from the show (the architect that designs this Good Place).

For those who are unfamiliar with the Mahabharata, Yudhishthira is one of five Pandava brothers. Their father, Pandu, was cursed to die if he tried to conceive a child. Their mother, Kunti, had a gift where she could call upon any god and conceive their children, so each of the Pandava brothers had a different divine sire. All five Pandavas were married to Draupadi (a consequence of her karma from a past life). On Earth, the Pandavas were fighting for the throne with the Kauravas, their cousins. Duryodhana was the oldest Kaurava and was in line for the throne, but was defeated by the Pandavas.

Below is a trailer for the first season of The Good Place to get a sense of what the show is about.