Gonzalo Díaz-Palacios

CG Supervisor, Look and Feel Devoloper, 3D Generalist.

Some of the projects and companies in which I have been involved, in chronological order.

Seriously Digital Entertainment (2016-present)

Position: CGI Senior Artist

My main task has been to bring intellectual property, Best Fiends, from the world of mobile gaming, to the world of animation.

CDR (2015)

Position: Complete development.Personal Project

I created and explored computer generated landscapes.

Rovio Enterteinment Corporation (2014-2016)

Position: CG Supervisor

I was hired as CG Supervisor for the animation studio of Rovio. My fisrt task was setting up the look and feel of the first season of the series Piggy Tales and create the pipeline needed for the shading/lighting and rendering proceses.

After that I was envolved in different projects. From animation series, commercials and new Ip's look and feel development.

Rendering Portraits (2013-2014)

Position: Creative, 3D Artist

Work in in collaboration with my cousin and artist Alvaro Díaz-Palacios exploring the boundaries between traditional painting and digital art.

Ilion Animaton Studios (2005-2014)

Last Position: Shading and Textures Supervisor.

I joined Ilion as Shading and lighting artist for the development of the feature movie Planet 51. After that I was envolved in different projects as Shading team lead, and finally I worked as Shading Supervisor for the movie "Mortadelo and Filemon: Mission Implausible".

6th Day Rejected (2018-present)

Position: Complete development.Personal Project

The object of the present project is the simulation of artificial life within a digital environment, and as a consequence of this simulation, the formulation of a series of questions about the notion of life itself as a symptom of reality or its capacity to affect viscerally to the viewer.