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The Future of the Golders Green Town Centre

New consultancy exercise

After so many objections the previous procedure relating to a TfL project for massive building on the bus and train stations has been stopped by the London Borough of Barnet. The GGSAG submitted successfully that the procedure was unlawful and should be withdrawn.

LBB have now commissioned a new consultancy exercise to be performed over the next few months “to create a Golders Green Town Centre Strategy”. Residents, community groups and businesses will be asked for their opinion on the function and their experience of the town centre. This will then provide a “broader strategic direction for the area within the Barnet Local Plan framework”.

The overall aim of LBB is “to give Golders Green a sense of place and a clearer identity, to guide current and future development, and to set out ways for the council and partners to deliver a more accessible, attractive, healthy, safe, vibrant, well used and locally-led high street”.

Who are the consultants?

The consultants are called Fluid Design. They are an architectural urban design company.

The Council have asked them for an opinion on how to shape growth in the High Street; how to create a healthy and resilient High Street; how to create an active and locally led High Street.

Fluid has told us that there have been big changes in Golders Green high street since the arrival of Brent Cross. They believe there are opportunities to improve the retail offer, the environment, the traffic situation, leisure uses and markets, and include more greenery and have less pollution. There could be an opportunity for young people to stay in the area and spaces for new jobs.

How will we find out what this is all about?

You are invited to give your thoughts and opinions on the Fluid Design website:

Fluid Design have been updating ward councillors and met a few so they could benefit from their knowledge of the area They have consulted Barnet officers and met Golders Green Station Action Group, the HGS Trust and the HGS Residents Association.

Under a logo called ‘Our Golders Green Town Centre Strategy’ they will be trying to reach as many local people as possible. They will be handing out flyers, using pop ups, surveys and finally a “Vision Café”.

They are preparing a flyer that they will start to hand out on Tuesday 19 September.

Also they are preparing colourful billboards with posters that they will set through the whole area.

What area is the town centre?

We have been told that the area is not constrained by the Local Plan map which indicates the area of the Town centre. Broadly the town centre stretches from the Hippodrome to the Golders Green Library and from the bridge over Finchley Road down to Sainsburys. They will be looking at the site as a whole, not just the area covered by the previous draft planning brief.

What should I do?

Last time your participation had the impact of LBB withdrawing the muddled and ill judged planning brief.

Clearly, this new consultation is an important opportunity for Golders Green residents to have their say. GGSAG ask you all to take part in the opinion gathering exercises by:-

  1. taking the opportunity to meet with representatives from Fluid Design – see the dates below, and
  2. giving your opinions to the consultant at .

Why is it important that I give my opinions?

Fluid Design will write a report for the Council by the end of the year. Significantly, this report will be used to guide and coordinate the forthcoming investment by TfL around the tube and bus stations. If we are to continue pushing back TfL’s plans for major redevelopment of the station area then we need to say what we want instead for our town centre.

We believe opinion can be given in both negative and positive terms. For example - we want pollution reduced; we want better facilities for electric bikes and bicycles; we don’t want the open space taken away; we want a suburban look and feel; we don’t want a large block of buildings; we want the town centre smartened up; we don’t want the War memorial removed; we want better catering facilities, such as healthy food.

The Council state that “Over the next five years it is anticipated there will be several millions of pounds available to invest in town centre improvements in Golders Green from both the council, private developers and TfL. It is crucial that any investment happens in a coordinated way that is consistent with the delivery of this strategy”.

Fluid Design’s current dates when they plan to meet directly with the wider community are:-

Wednesday 20 September - Business survey 1

Saturday 23 September (11-4pm) - Pop-up 1 with Fluid Design's cargo-bike in the area

Wednesday 27 September - Business survey 2

Thursday 28 September (2-7pm) - Pop-up 2 with Fluid Design's cargo-bike in the area

Sunday 1 October (11am-4pm) - Pop-up 3 with Fluid Design's cargo-bike in the area

Sunday 1 October (3-5pm) – Walk & Talk

Tuesday 17 October (6.30-8.30pm) - Vision Café

The Golders Green Station Action Group ask and recommend that you take an active part in this exercise.

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