Golders Green Town Planning

The Future of the Golders Green Town Centre

Dear fellow resident,

As we enter 2018, which will be an enormous year in the planning of the future of Golders Green town centre, we provide below our update of the various issues affecting the planning process:

  • The consultants employed by LB Barnet, Fluid, have submitted their Vision of what a strategy for the town centre might contain. See
  • Fluid have reported that they are happy with the level of input they have obtained from local residents, our councillors and businesses within the town centre
  • Fluid have met once with TfL and while TfL have reported that they have many other sites to examine for development potential, they have not wholly discounted the opportunity for them in Golders Green
  • That opportunity is best managed by residents continuing to lobby for a planning brief that is ultimately acceptable to us all
  • The Vision prepared by Fluid helps in this regard, with its emphasis on a cleaner, greener Golders Green. A replanned town centre, with a square, pop up shops, green areas, pedestrianised precinct, smarter shop fronts, facilities for electric vehicles and cycles, are all welcomed
  • The Vision does mention that more affordable housing could be planned within the town centre, and it identifies potential locations for such housing, namely alongside the tube station and perhaps behind Golders Green Road
  • Fluid are now working with LB Barnet town planners in order to put practical and feasible detail on the Vision in order to prepare a detailed strategic document by May/June 2018. This will be distributed to residents for public consultation – and lead to a TOWN TEAM group which should have some town centre business people. and then go to LBB for approval
  • The aim is that the LBB will bid for money for the development of town centres from various sources within London’s Planning processes. Whether this becomes at risk as we move forward will need to be monitored
  • There remain few resident groups in GG for Fluid to interact with. We have asked that we remain in close communication with Fluid, see their draft strategic plan as it is produced and will share across our network. This is agreed by Fluid

So in summary, preparation by Fluid of a draft detailed strategic plan for GG town centre is the next step – and this is a few months away. We will share the draft as we receive it, but we continue to welcome all support, thoughts and actions you can give us.

Wishing you a happy new year.

With best wishes, thank you

Jeremy Charles & Ronnie Jaffa





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