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Our first Goddess is the incredible Susan Manfre Kaufman from Denver, Colorado

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Since receiving my first Goddess Revival Deck, a magical portal has been opened for me in the viewing of each and every card. Both the illustrations and interpretation for each Goddess brought me a familiar strength that made me so very “at home!”

Each morning I draw a card- trusting the Goddess who is by my side. The connection is astounding and it truly gives me the power and love to move me through my day.

Nighttime is sacred to me; it is when I process a lot of old "junk" that needs release; so it is comforting to know I can pull a new card and sleep with a watchful guardian.

After introducing myself to the cards, I immediately purchased three more decks with the intent to hand them out to like-minded women I meet in my daily life. When I run into an amazing woman, I ask her to select a card from the deck after a few breaths and a pause for connection together to quiet the mind. Once the card is selected, I ask the beautiful soul to share. 100% of the women have read and shared, explaining that particular Goddess is perfect for where they are at that moment in time. When I share with them that the illustrations are truly real life women, it brings them to tears. I ask them to keep the card in a scared space and honor themselves; remembering that the Goddess and the connection they feel from our experience with the deck is there for them when they need it most.

Over the holidays, I shared the deck daily with my Mother, sister and my two nieces. We breathed meditatively together and then pulled our cards. We read each of our cards to each other and I found myself explaining that collectively, the Goddesses work together for us as well as individually. Each day they asked for another card. It was amazing to hear my nieces (19 and 21) say; "Auntie Sue!! I feel the Angel Goddesses working for all of us!" They loved it...and well I couldn’t feel more at home.

Thank you ladies for this gift.