GOAL ZERO YETI 400 is one of the popular portable solar generators on market today. Decent output, stylish and portable design make it a product worth buying in the fast-growing portable solar power market.

Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator is the best friend of campers and hikers. Indeed, its lightweight body and option to store good amount of solar energy from Goal Zero’s own Nomad series of solar panels give it more popularity. Moreover, you have wall and car outlet charging options besides solar.

Goal Zero Yeti 400 is also largely purchased for emergency preparedness kit. In the aftermath of an emergency it can be your life savior. You get a good amount of energy in reserve for emergency and later you have the solar panels to charge it from. That means lack of power will no longer trouble you during an emergency situation.

1) One of the Hot-Selling Solar Generators

Being an Affiliate to Amazon.com, we can sure tell that it is one of the best selling portable solar generators on market today. We ourselves send a number of successful referrals every month to this Goal Zero product. Priced under $500, it is indeed an awesome product with total output of 400Wh, powered by a 33Ah battery.

2) Medium Variant of Goal Zero Yeti Series

As you can see, Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator is the middle variant of the American firm’s portable solar generator lineup. It has a low-end model called Yeti 150 and a top-tier variant branded as Yeti 1250. It does indeed help it get more attention of customers. Plus, its usability as a portable solar device for camping and hiking is surely recommendable.

3) Multiple Solar Panel Options Available

No any Goal Zero Yeti model bundles up solar panel. You need to purchase it separately, but Goal Zero itself offers a range of panels. The minimal option you should pick for Yeti 400 is Nomad 20 solar panel that takes 40 to 80 hours for full charging under sun. Boulder 15, Boulder 30, Boulder 90 and Escape 30 Briefcase are other options you can go with to equip your Yeti 400 with solar panels.

4) More a Power Bank than Solar Generator

Yes, it is a fact. Hope you have already got it. Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator like its other variants is basically not a solar generator. It is a misnomer to call it so, because it is actually a power bank. With battery and inverter inside, you can use wall electricity and car outlet to juice it up. It becomes a solar generator only when you buy extra solar panels to tether to it to convert sunshine to energy.

5) Made in USA

Goal Zero is an American brand and is based out in Riverton, Utah. It is, in fact, an important thing since we mostly have Asian companies selling portable solar devices. Goal Zero was founded by Robert Workman with an esteemed goal to utilize solar energy for the development of world. Goal Zero was listed in America’s Most Promising Companies of Forbes’ 2014.

6) Three Ways to Charge

As put it above, Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator has three ways for charging. First of all, it supports solar panel so that you can utilize unlimited sunlight to power it up. Plus, being ideal pick for emergency preparedness kit, you have it with wall and car outlet options, which let you keep the device charged all the time and ready to meet up with emergency anytime.

7) Chainable with Other Yeti 400 for Longer Runtime

It is yet another incredible thing with the Goal Zero Yeti 400. If you want to get longer runtime, you can buy one more Yeti 400 and chain it with the other. This option gives you more freedom while going on a camping or working with your preparedness kit.

8) Sufficient Accessories and Related Products

Goal Zero is a large brand in portable solar power industry. And so you have a good number of related products and accessories that you can use with its Yeti solar generators. First of all, you get multiple solar panel options that let you pick required items to meet your power needs outdoors. Other devices like flashlights, LED lamps and lanterns certainly make it a worthy brand to go with.

9) Capable to Juice up Five Laptops

With an output of 400Wh and 33Ah battery, the Yeti 400 can juice up your laptop around five times. The generator is also ideal for a variety of devices like mini TVs, CPAPs, tablets and phones other than laptops.

10) Weighing Less Than 30 Pounds

Its weight is rather stunning. The Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator absolutely has an edge with a lightweight body when compared to similar products from other brands. The lesser in weight the friendlier for camping uses. With a weight under 30 pounds, it is not a huge burden to carry the solar generator during your outings.