The GOAL ZERO YETI 1250 is the most versatile and powerful generator from the Yeti series. Extremely handy for camping, on a boat, garden shed or ideal for back-up in and around the home. With the Yeti 1250, almost all electrical devices up to 1200 W can be provided of energy. The generator has several outputs and can be quickly recharged via solar panels. Making the Yeti 1250 the most ideal power supply for many situations.

The Yeti 1250 can be used as a portable power source, and is extremely quiet and fuel-free. This makes the device also suitable for in the house. With the battery capacity of 1250 Wh you can provide for example, a small refrigerator for long periods of energy. An average LED lamp operates for 400 hours via the Yeti 1250. Of course, several units can be connected simultaneously to the outputs of the Yeti. By charging the Yeti 1250 during the day via solar panels, you can create a mini-power plant.

Unique to the Solar generators of Goal Zero is that the charging process via solar panels runs faster than charging from the wall outlet or car cigarette lighter. Charging via a wall outlet, goes with up to 72 W (charging of 18 hours). With solar panels, the maximum input of 320 W is feasible, so that the charging time of the Yeti 1250 can be reduced to about 4 hours.

The Yeti 1250 has 9 different outputs. The three USB outputs are suitable for charging almost any USB device, MP3 player, smartphone and tablet. The three 12 V outputs can connect lights, camera battery chargers etc. One of these outputs has the format of a car cigarette lighter. Furthermore, the Yeti 1250 has two 220 V outputs (AC). This allows all devices to be connected with a plug, up to 1200 W of power. The AC outputs are only suitable for European plugs. Via the Anderson-port, the Yeti 1250can be linked to a second Yeti 1250, so you have twice as much battery capacity.

The Yeti 1250 weighs 46 kg and remains with dimensions of approximately 41 x 30 x 37 cm compact. A handy trolley is supplied in order to move the machine easily.