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Christian Cross Project

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Pioneer Days

August 3-4

Pioneer encampment with demonstrations and games from that era. Bean soup cooked over an open fire.

Museum on grounds with mission church and cooper cabin rebuilt on original sites.

A Word from Gerard Heath:

My name is Gerard Heath. I am a current member of the Moravian Band of the Delaware Indians, now known as the Delaware Nation at Moraviantown. On March 8th 2019, it will be the 236th anniversary of the Gnadenhutten Massacre of the Moravian Delaware Indians. The remains of these 96 Christian Indians lay exposed to the forest animals and the weather for over 15 years before being piled in a mass grave called the Burial Mound for the Christian Indian Martyrs. The Ohio Historical Society erected a marker at the site that calls the Gnadenhutten Massacre of March 8th 1782 a National Day of Shame..

My great great grandfather, Christian Moses Stonefish, dedicated the obelisk that stands in the Gnadenhutten Historical Park, erected as a memorial in 1872, and it is my family interred in that burial mound. It is for this reason I am trying to raise awareness of the day and to raise funds to erect a Christian Cross at the burial mound and erect wrought iron fencing around other appropriate areas in the park. Any effort to share this information in the news media or on social media outlets on March 8th, would be greatly appreciated and help to achieve this goal.

Click on the Link to the Christian Cross Project above and watch a video that tells the story of the massacre and speaks to my request to erect a Christian Cross.

Please share this video. Please send it to news outlets if you have those connections. My goal is national news coverage on the morning of March 8th, from the Gnadenhutten Historical Park.

Tax deductible deductions can be sent to:

The Gnadenhutten Historical Society - Christian Cross Project

c/o John Heil

156 Spring St.

Gnadenhutten, Ohio 44629

Thank you for considering my request and may God bless you for your support of these Wilderness Christians.

Gerard F. Heath


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