Evolutionary Genomics Lab

@ George Mason University

Welcome to the Evolutionary Genomics Lab at the Department of Biology, George Mason University. Our lab uses evolutionary genomics methods to study how geography, ecology and history interact to create, maintain, and distribute biological diversity. Students in my lab work on a wide variety of study systems, including: systematics and phylogeography of mouse-deer, conservation genomics, skin pathogens and microbiome of snakes, bee pathogens, microbiome of the GI tracts of a variety of animals (grouse, bees, etc).

The focus of my research is on diversification, speciation and population genomics of birds, especially those from Southeast Asia. I study the relationship between avian evolution and factors such as geological history of a region, changes in climate through glacial cycles, environmental gradients, landscape features and life-history traits (e.g., dispersal limitation and visual constraints) of species.

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Projects and Publications

Teaching, Outreach and Service

Haw Chuan (HC) Lim, Asst Professor of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics

George Mason University, Science and Technology Campus, 10900 University Boulevard, MSN 4D4, Manassas, VA 20110.

Email: hlim22@gmu.edu. Phone: 703-993-2344

Research Associate, Center for Conservation Genomics, Smithsonian's National Zoo

Affiliate, Institute for a Sustainable Earth, GMU

The lab is equipped with a variety of instruments for NGS research, including Illumina sequencer, Diagenode Bioruptor, Pippin Prep, Agilent Tapestation, laminar flow hood, Denovix Fluorometer, ABI Sanger Sequencer (Gillevet lab), MinION (Gillevet lab) and Ion S5 (Gillevet lab).