Read a review here by Chris, G0JPS

The paddle arrived and I finally got a chance today to try it out. This thing is awesome! Thank you so much! Even smaller than I expected and thank you for talking me into the magnetic base, very cool feature.



Hi Peter,

I am very impressed with the Academy key! I have been using it at home and comparing with a Palm Paddle and another 3D printed key I bought last year. Photos attached.

I have reduced the paddle spacing to minimun and glued on the extra magnets. I am very pleased with this key. It is easy and precise to use, I really like the magnetic action, my other keys use springs. I will be taking it on my next SOTA activation and will use it at home. In my opinion it has the edge on the Palm Paddle. Also it is incredible value for money.

I have tried a Begali adventurer that a friend uses on the hills, very nice and VERY expensive £250. Your key compares very fvourably with that key. In terms of value for money you win hands down!

SOTA activations will be few at the present time. I will get back to you once I have used it on the hill for final feedback





Delighted to find this on the reflector:

"I really like Peter’s GM0EUL’s key. It’s by far my favorite, even over my palm. Check it out at [ ]. The weight shown includes the battery."

Ariel NY4G

Hello Peter

Used the UMPP with my QCX and QCX+ for a WWFF activation this morning. It performed flawlessly and helped me make 32 QSOs in 45 minutes.



Thanks Peter, your tops in customer service and I will refer you and your products to as many hams as possible

RC - Arkansas

Hello, Peter! I think it is a lovely key, a lovely set of paddles! I have been using it nearly daily, checking in to the 2 regional nets I have been participating in fairly regularly now. Indeed, several times a Canadian Net Control has complimented my "fist" un-solicited! - Your paddles are doing it! and I am using it at the settings to which you adjusted it!

The very strong magnets easily attach it firmly onto my Xiegu G90, completely freeing one of my hands from having to hold down numerous other keys.

I admire what you have done, Peter! Many Thanks!

Sincerely, Steve k7ew Portland Oregon usa

Hello Peter..

Tried the paddles out for the first time yesterday. Very pleased with their performance. It was quite a PileUp, 73 Q´s in all, on a SOTA summit with 5 watts and Inv. V antenna.

73´s Siggi TF3CW


My UMPP-1 key arrived today. The orange color is very bright and the key has a wonderful feel to it! I can't wait to try it out.

Thank you for the fast service and great communications.

73, Tim N9PUZ

Hello Peter,

I have used my bright orange paddles now and wanted to comment further.

I like the feel of them very much. I am not a high-speed CW op but they are very comfortable in the 15-18 WPM range where I normally operate when portable. Having a connection to the paddles vs. a pigtail with a connector, is a great feature. I didn't think much about it at first but it is nice being able to have a short lead only 6-8 inches long and not having to cut an attached cable. Bravo!

I have one idea for you to think about. The magnetic base works very well. The magnets you used seem to have just the right amount of "grip" to hold the paddles in place. One thing you might consider is some method to allow moving the magnetic base to the sides of the key. This way, depending on whether the operator was left-handed or right-handed, they might attach them directly to the side of a small transceiver.

An alternate idea might be to just embed magnets on both sides and the bottom. That way there would be nothing to lose.

Keep up the great work! Everyone I have shown them to really loves them. Hopefully, it will generate a couple of sales for you.

73, Tim N9PUZ

Hi Peter,

the key has arrived today, and it looks good and functional. Thank you very much for the fast delivery. I can keep you updated with usage feedback if you like.

vy 73 de Christian, DO1CA

Hi Peter,

Very pleased with the paddle , Cute & functional. Even just plugging it straight in it felt good, balanced and precise with no adjustments. One thing struck me immediately, though, and it didn’t occur to me before, is left and right handed ness. I am left handed and unsure whether it’s an anomaly but I like the dashes on the right side. Yours comes suited to right handed operators, I guess , but my little Xiegu has a setting for both left and right so alls well.

Thank you, genius product , thanks for sharing your idea with us👍

73 my friend .

Paul G0FUS

Hello Peter

Received this morning Peter, it's a work of art and in it's own little suitcase too !

There were two little magnets stuck underneath the lid of the box, do they serve a purpose ?

Also I'll have to re-solder the plug as I like dit's with my thumb and dah's with my finger like my other paddle keyer (I am right handed)

I just did not think about that when I placed the order. Maybe one to ask your customers if they have a preference from the norm.

Otherwise it operates beautifully

Thanks for a great key

Kind Regards



Hi Peter,

Arrived safe and sound this morning, looks great, can’t wait to try it on top of my FT 817!




hi Peter,

just got home from work, mini key waiting for me, just tried it out, brilliant job, love the tin box to keep it in, will go nicely with the xiegu 5105, G90 and old faithful 817, nice work, much appreciated and no doubt will be much admired.

73, GW4UWD

Hi Peter,

Key arrived safely this morning.

Lovely little Paddle. I felt more comfortable with the addition of the two magnets but other than that the setup is perfect.

I shall enjoy using it.

Many thanks.

Bryan G4CVF