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Winyasa - Taste of France

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 5:30 - 7:30

Celebrate life with heart opening yoga and delicious French wine. The evening will begin with a one-hour vinyasa class led by Nancy. You will flow through your poses, quiet your mind, and after a relaxation period, transition into the wine tasting portion of the evening led by LeeAnn. Your senses will expand as we relax, talk, laugh, and taste four wines that will be paired with cheeses and chocolate. Come share in a beautiful evening.

Cost: $30 (includes wine glass)

Pay in the studio to register and reserve your spot! Minimum age: 21

108 Sun Salutations


Taught by Joe Beaufait

This class will replace the regularly scheduled Inner Strength. Join us in celebrating the autumnal equinox with 108 Sun Salutations. Joe will start with 10 to 15 minutes of breath work and stretching. The sun salutations will be done in groups of 9 with a 30 second break between sets and a 3 minute break at the half way point. At the end of 12 sets the class will do a short warrior series and some relaxing stretches and floor work. The full class will take approximately 2 hours. Pre-registration not required.

Just Breathe (Breath Workshop)

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2:00 – 4:00

Taught by Danna Kelley

From the very first breath at birth till the last whisper of breath leaves our bodies at death, breathing is something the body knows how to do spontaneously. This automatic breath allows us to survive, but when you unconsciously hold or restrict your breath through habit or times of stress, the breath that you once so conveniently breathed becomes restricted and distorted. This unconsciously altered breath allows you to survive but it does not allow you to thrive. To reclaim what has always been a part of you requires your conscious awareness and participation.

Come explore Pranayama, the practice of controlling or regulating the breath or lifeforce energy (prana) in order to increase lung capacity, vitality, and overall wellbeing. This 2-hour workshop explores the basic anatomy of breathing and introduces a number of yoga breathing techniques to help us refine and improve the quality of our breathing. By controlling the breath you can warm and energize the body, calm and cool the body and calm the mind for meditation. In this workshop you will be taught a number of these techniques including dirga, anulom vilom, ujjaya, bastrika, anuloma krama and sitali and ways to integrate them in poses and your practice. Come learn how to develop greater awareness of your breath in your yoga practice and in daily life.

Cost: $30

Pay in the studio to register and reserve your spot!

Past Events


    • Jan 20 - Feb 17 on Saturdays – Meditation Workshop (Joe Charsagua)
    • April 20 – Taste of Italy Winyasa (Nancy)
    • April 22 – Unlock Your Headstands Workshop (Regina)
    • April 27 – Kirtan - An Evening of Festive Singing & Chanting (Joe Charsagua)
    • June 30 - 2-year Anniversary - Free Classes All Day (6 classes)
    • July 29 - Introduction to Yoga Workshop (Nichole & Nancy)
    • August 19 - Yoga for Freddie (April) - AIDS Charity Event
    • Sept 16 - Yoga for Arthritis Workshop (Gretchen) - GMHS Donation Event


    • Feb 26 – Introduction to Yoga Workshop (Nichole & Nancy)
    • March 10 – Winyasa (Nancy)
    • March 26 – Qigong Workshop (Patrick Gilman) - Bread for Life Donation Class
    • May 21 – Breath Workshop (Danna & Nancy)
    • June 9 – Winyasa (Nancy)
    • July 9 – Sun Salutation Workshop (Joe)
    • August 6 – Yoga for Freddie (April) - AIDS Charity Event
    • Sept 8 – Winyasa (Nancy)
    • Nov 12 – Yoga for the Animals (Nancy) - GMHS Donation Class
    • December 8 – Winyasa (Nancy)


    • Nov 6 – Meditation & Mandalas Workshop (Nancy Geary)