This is a global event that occurs throughout the month of March. Beginning March 1st, classes/families/individuals begin voting on a bracket of 64 books. Each week the field will narrow and by the end of March a single book will be the winner. Level of participation ranges from low (just voting) to high, connecting with others online, sharing photos, etc.

In the past few years we've been able to connect with authors through the project as well (including author interviews via Skype, and a message from R.J. Palacio last year when Wonder won). This project is flexible with technology too. Classes can vote online or on paper. My goal is a fun tournament that is "turn-key" for teachers. EVERYTHING they need will be provided.

RJ Palacio tweeted a thank you message to all the students who voted for Wonder in Global March Book Madness 2018. Needless to say that was a humbling message.

Students in Wisconsin making bracket predictions.

Students in Iowa participating.

Students in New Jersey voting!

Bracket at an Omaha Nebraska School.