The Experience 

Our Intention for 2023

A holistic, mindful approach to health.
How can we encourage each other to be a 
in a mindful, healthy community? 


Current special initiatives

We share the same intention for both Coaching and Honoring Circles:  to  co-create a safe and confidential circle where we practice deep listening to enhance our awareness of self, others and the universe in a resonant healing space.  How we do it,  differs.  

For an overview of what each of the circles entails, click  Honoring Circle or Coaching circle.  Each link also has information on how to sign up to experience it. Once you register online, Lauren will contact you via email with an invitation. 

Core team members: Lauren & Joy

Artist credit: Ayla Bouvette (with permission)

2. Deep Nature Explorers

We each experience Nature in our own ways. While we easily know where our physical bodies are when in nature, what happens to our minds and spirits? How are our senses aroused? Do you think our interactions with nature have an impact on our day-to-day living and how we relate to ourselves, with others, and with the planet?

A group is being formed to delve into these questions using presencing and deep listening methods for sharing thoughts and emotions. By exploring in this way together, perhaps each of us will experience some level of personal transformation, and realize our potential for inspiring others simply by being who we are.

For more information visit the project website. Register online and Jae will contact you via email with an invitation.

Core team members: Jae & Joy

3. Integrative Health

Imagine you have all or nearly all of the information and support to live the best life you can. This attention is responding in real-time to what you need to know to make the complex simple, and actionable. 

Most of us have some aspect of our well-being managed by taking a yoga class, working with a nutritionist, having a communication coach, etc. but not a person or system that supports all of our well-being concerns.

An integrative, holistic approach to health and well-being for your 24/7 lifestyle. 

For more information visit the project website. Contact Daniel at  if you want to join this team.

Core team members: Daniel & Ronelle

4. Children's Literacy Project: Little Books for Nakivale and Kakuma

Connecting 50 local elementary school children in the US with 50 local primary school children in Nakivale and Kakuma making small booklets, and writing a short story of 8 pages to promote English literacy. 

Contact Nigel if you want to join this team. 

Core team members: Nigel, Kathy & Jo.

Video of our 4D mapping 2023 

Some past special events

Global Forum (2022)

Our Global Hub presents  a community-hosted session and a prototype showcase on honoring circles at the Global Forum on June 22 and 23,  2022.

Academy of Management (2022)

The theme for the Academy of Management 2022 meeting, Creating a Better World Together resonates well with the content of our professional development workshop that will be presented in person and online.  Join us for an opportunity to experience Honoring Circles: From Then to Now on Mon. Aug. 8 in Seattle, Washington. 

Presencing Institute Bootcamp, 

Karlskrona Sweden (2017)

Our global team attended a Presencing Institute Bootcamp training in Theory U in Karlskrona, Sweden during June  2017.

Global Webinar, Amit Sood, MD (2020)

Our prototype for 2x 2020: We hosted a global webinar Mindfulness for the 21st Century: The Resilient Option with Amit Sood, MD on April 7, 2020 at the onset of the global pandemic.

You & I Care (2021)

Our prototype for 2x during 2021: Coaching circles where a case giver is sharing a current challenge with about four coaches who deeply listen and attending to images, metaphors, feelings, and gestures that the story evokes, and then reflecting on what they heard. 

Honoring Circles (2022)

Our prototype for 2x during 2022: In our honoring circles we co-create a safe and confidential circles where we practice deep listening to enhance our awareness of self, others and the Universe in a resonant healing space.