The Experience

How does an Honoring Circle work?

An Honoring Circle creates the space for a small group of five or so individuals get together for about 1 hour to practice deep listening self awareness, other awareness development skills. This can take place in-person or online. The goal is to be present in the present moment with the fellow members in the confidential group. Witnessing is as important as sharing.

There are three rounds:

Round 1 involves each member of the group sharing what they been doing over the last few days and its relevance to the here and now.

Round 2 involves each member sharing the quality of being in the moment using four points of focus: i) our heads or minds, ii) our hearts, iii) our body, and iv) our connection with the earth, sky or universe.

Round 3 involves each member sharing their present awareness of alignment or non-alignment between mind, heart and emotions both within themselves and within our circle expanding to the larger communities. We may also share reflections, new insights, images, etc., using statements such as "I feel..." "I sense..." "I realize..." as an offering without speaking directly about what another person shared. Some regular HC practitioners report increased ability to be present, and enhanced feelings of self-worth, self-confidence, and trust in their body's inherent intelligence.

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Current events

Global Forum (2022)

Our Global Hub presents a community-hosted session and a prototype showcase on honoring circles at the Global Forum on June 22 and 23, 2022.

Academy of Management

The theme for the Academy of Management 2022 meeting, Creating a Better World Together resonates well with the content of our professional development workshop that will be presented in person and online. Join us for an opportunity to experience Honoring Circles: From Then to Now on Monday August 8 in Seattle, Washington.

Some past events

Presencing Institute Bootcamp,

Karlskrona Sweden (2017)

Our global team attended a Presencing Institute Bootcamp training in Theory U in Karlskrona, Sweden during June 2017.

Global Webinar, Amit Sood, MD (2020)

Our prototype for 2020: We hosted a global webinar Mindfulness for the 21st Century: The Resilient Option with Amit Sood, MD on April 7, 2020 at the onset of the global pandemic.

You & I Care (2021)

Our prototype for 2021: Coaching circles where a case giver is sharing a current challenge with about four coaches who deeply listen and attending to images, metaphors, feelings, and gestures that the story evokes, and then reflecting on what they heard.

Honoring Circles (2022)

Our prototype for 2022: In our honoring circles we co-create a safe and confidential circles where we practice deep listening to enhance our awareness of self, others and the Universe in a resonant healing space.