The Global Convergent Logic (GCL) arises as a consequence of the development of the Universal Perspective of the Unfolding of Time (UPUT) applied to daily life.

The theory of the unfolding of time (The Doubling Theory) by Jean Pierre Garnier Malet -a French physicist specialized in mechanics of fluids- was proposed in 1988 stating that time unfolds: past, present and future exist simultaneously. Thus all possibilities exist simultaneously; this theory shatters our linear mindset. This is Garnier's contribution with respect to the abstract logic of the origin of the universe.

The UPUT (PUDT in Spanish) reconnects us to the logic of the universe and how the logic of the Origin works. In the universe, the whole(ness) is absolutely inclusive, nothing is left out, the universe (one version) is a coherent blueprint of all its elements. This is an absolutely physical, natural process with logic behind it, through which we can access the actual logic of the Origin.

The Universal Perspective of the Unfolding of Time allows us to correct our perception.

Another essential contribution to this development is the one made by Dr. Ryke Hamer, the creator of the Germanic New Medicine who discovered the biological logic of conflicts from the beginning of life on earth. This German physician developed a sort of instructions manual explaining how and why our physical and biological body responds to environmental situations (the external realm). These are the so-called 4 Perception Errors or Hamer's Markers: Survival, Protection, Comparison/Competence and Relationship Conflict. These are the four stages of the evolution of life, from the amoeba to our present day.

Miss Alejandra Casado from Argentina, in her personal process of applying the UPUT in 2012, and from the events that occurred as a consequence, decides to share the GCL (LGC in Spanish) that she understands belongs to humankind as a whole, making it publicly available in 2013 through her youtube videos that elaborate on the logic of this perspective and also explain the system of references.

Alejandra Casado's contribution boldly reaches beyond "the double" that Garnier refers to and addresses directly to the Original (Garnier's "indivisible" or the double's double).

The EMPTY(NESS) is NOTHING and is ALL at the same time, it leaves nothing out, it is inclusive, coherent and cohesive.

The Universal Perspective of the Unfolding of Time and Global Convergent Logic consist on:

  • Assuming a physical phenomenon that affects everyone and everything, it is physics applied to the common human being
  • Assuming that we are unfolded beings (as a result of two unfoldments)
  • Assuming that the Original essence, initial Observer, unfolds in the form of a design to get to know who it is through the knowledge of what it is certainly not.
  • To assume and to get involved in the process of the application of the law in our being is to make the decision to become a receiver and to consciously perceive ourselves included as an element within this universe, and to become available to a shift of perception within a framework of self-reference.

The perception that we carry of reality, our points of view, has to do with parameters within which the design of our identity moves: beliefs, memories, mandates, judgments, values, etc.

To assume the Universal Perspective of the Unfolding of Space-Time makes that particular perception mutate or transform towards a more abstract aspect, towards the logic that determines and shapes up the perception. By seeing the logical perspective of a particular reality one can understand the logic of the global context.

The involvement of a person in this novelty takes place strictly by a very strong resonance, a certainty within our subconscious that our conscience is not yet able to sense.

Alejandra Casado points out that a Logical Revolution is underway, it's silent because it takes place within each person and their individual self-referral, nobody can tell you what is the previous purpose of your existence because that would be an external reference, only self-referral renders the truth.

This is an invisible revolution that has to do with logic and will change the perspective of how we see reality. Logic is not tangible, it's something abstract. Thus in order to see the logic one must develop an abstract mind and an original identity referred to a Logical Vacuum or Nothingness. Both go unnoticed because we entrusted the identity in pure existence or in energy, ignoring or banning the invisible aspect of the reality that constitutes and also surrounds us.

This is not a therapy or a religion, not at all, this does not match the associative memory that is the first thing the mind is going to throw at us, it's nothing like that.

It is something new that comes from the future to re-signify the past and the way to process the present.

With the implementation of the UPUT came along the template (stencil) that is a reference system or consciousness cone, a logical design, a fractal intended to describe the map of an unfolded universe:

TEMPLATE OR STENCIL of the cone of consciousness

The numbers refer to planes, ranges, parameters or speed of vibrational frequencies:

  • Frequency 7: emptiness outside of existence, the Non-Being that holds the axis of Being (axis Y) and is the one that opens time (X-axis). Hyper-convergent point. The NON-BEING is the founder of each possibility (plane 6)
  • Plane 6: potential, possibilities, a possibility of being or becoming, quantum field
  • Plane 5: logical structure, function, awareness of the possibility of the NON-BEING, distortions
  • Plane 4: Design, program, the Double, Soul, first unfolding (the 4th Marker: Substitution of what's missing and conflict in relationships).
  • Plane 3: Mind, neurological perception, (3rd Marker: Comparison and Competence)
  • Plane 2: Circuits, anticipation, emotion, energy in motion (2nd Marker: Protection)
  • Plane 1: Existence, biological and physical body, the unfolded Receiver, 2nd unfolding, slowest plane (1st Marker: Survival)

The different planes of existence (1 to 4) and those of non-existence (5 to 7) are presented in the template above. Each plane is a different perception of speed where plane 1 is the slowest, where we common people, the "unfolded" ones find ourselves; this is what we call TANGIBLE REALITY: what we can see and touch.

Plane 2 are emotions, circuits that inform us how we feel, at plane 3 we perceive the potential (6), plane 3 begets the ideas that make us move throughout existence, plane 4 determines how the self will develop those ideas within a design (human being, teacher, police, politician, housewife, father, boss).

Plane 5 is the function or logic that establishes a framework for the design (4), plane 6 are the possibilities chosen and filtered by that particular logic (5) and plane 7 is the owner of all the possibilities.

Plane 8 is the androgynous that synchronizes the experience with the purpose, the masculine principle/answer) with the feminine principle/question (9) which is plane 6 seen from plane's 7 perspective, rendering a purpose to that possibility. Finally, 10 is the essence in plane 1.

The movement made by the original essence in the first unfolding provokes the experience to open and separates the question (purpose) from the response (experience).

The original essence [emptiness, void, nothing(ness), source, origin] makes its first move towards separation down the Y-axis with the aim of getting to know itself.

Being absolutely coherent and cohesive, why would the source decide to come out of its state of pure perfection?

Imagine that you are perfect, living in coherence with all the elements of the universe

....Boring, right? Therefore a question triggers the game:

What would it be like if I was an outcast element, tost away by the universe? Imperfect, separated from and in conflict with all the rest of the elements that make up my UNIVERSE?

Thus the essence (emitter at plane 7) filtered through each one of us in order to travel throughout experience. Hence, with our individual life, our particular way of experiencing existence we are here to show the source one hindsight of reality. That is why we have blind spots; we are here to showcase for the Origin the course of each single possibility that unfolds when conditioned by a distortion. The perfection gets to know itself through experiencing what it is actually not, by means of being the opposite; this would be the only way and is what we call a DIVERGENT LOGIC.

As a consequence a second unfolding takes place along the X-axis, this second movement is called Temporal Aperture as it unfolds in the illusion of past, present and future. Besides, four markers or stages unfold at the opening point of a design (at plane 4) and they give shape to the actual distortion.

As life began on Earth, the first stage opened up: SURVIVAL (plane 1) I am born and I have to breathe the air that is outside, I need to eat: I have to be fed, so and so with all basic needs, the EXTERNAL REFERENCE sprouts: "Everything that I need to be alive is outside of me".

Once I get to handle the first stage, a second marker is triggered: PROTECTION of me and my family, group, species, ideology, values, etc. (plane 2).

The third stage goes about COMPARISON/COMPETITION: once I manage to survive and ensure some protection, I compare myself with others to see whether I am better or not, it's the seed of current hierarchy in society.

Fourth stage: REPLACEMENT OF THE MISSING IDENTITY, back to when the original essence first separated at the fourth plane, there is where one would look for the missing...stuff.

What is this lack about? Our separation from source itself. In linear life we try to fulfill our emptiness with material possessions, our partner, friends and other relationships. THIS STAGE IS THE ONE THAT BEGETS THE EARLIER THREE. Before this stage unfolded, tangible existence was based simply on CONDITION, currently we have CHOICE.

We are reaching the end of this temporal opening; as time accelerates the means to create awareness through conflicts is outdated. The emitter or source filtered a brand new logic through an individual receiver: Ms. Alejandra Casado from Argentina, this particular “filtration” that took place in 2012 is at the same time a global breakthrough, a proof that everything is subjected to perception.

With which logic are you creating your reality? The system of references presented in part one, along with meticulous self-observation both allow us to understand in linear terms why we experience life the way we do. By simply becoming aware of what is actually happening to us, the observers from the past get deactivated (all that conditions and articulates a way of opening up existence by means of a conflict gets busted). Moreover, we become aware of our observers from the maximum future that correct those of the past whenever we place the Receiver (ourselves) in neutrality ("zero point" or the present).

The GCL enables us to articulate a CONVERGENT LOGIC that consists on grasping the four markers while they are operating on us, dismantling them by simple observation (no need to right any wrong). Thus creating awareness and correcting our perception. How do we do this? By recognizing a third character or player: the ORIGINAL.

The Original or source grants us -through the Universal Perspective of the Unfolding of the Times (UPUT)- the ability to recognize the logic (function) or structure that gave rise to this single version of a universe.


Until now we perceived reality in a linear and chronological fashion (time with a logic), the PAST informs the PRESENT and as a result my FUTURE is a projection of the past. Like in a photography PAST is alive- PRESENT is dead.


In "the now" (time) and in "the here" (space) we open up and enable ourselves ON PURPOSE to receive an information from another speed (FUTURE) which gives functionality to that PAST in the PRESENT.

Simultaneously, the purpose is synchronized with existence, reality as in a motion picture: a living PRESENT.

In the concrete plane (1) the PAST is perceived as our PRESENT. Instead, filtered by the founding emptiness, the actual present is abstract; in order to experience a genuine instant the only requirement is to enable an abstract mind that becomes functional to connecting all different velocities of perception.

The vacuum has always operated on us, while in presence we are called to observe "why and how" it operates on our receptor, no longer from the point of view of our existential -energetic- questions but by understanding the logic behind those existential questions.

P A S A D O (past)

17 + 1 + 20 + 1 + 4 + 16 = 59

The purpose of the divergent logic, to perceive the "separateness"

P R E S E N T E (present)

17 + 19 + 5 + 20 + 5 + 14 + 21 + 5 = 106

The receptor receiving oxygen (breathing space 0) by being aware of the potential

F U T U R O (future)

6 + 22 + 21 + 22 + 19 + 16 = 106

The future in "zero-point” is one instant out of the three times at the slowest receiver (plane 1)



0 1 2 3 ... Let's start adding some zeros to linearity by recognizing that existence transcends us!


  • Everything that exists arises from the nonexistence
  • From the abstract to the concrete
  • Each plane is a range, a speed, a frequency
  • Observer: the creators of perceived reality, every observer acts with certain logic. By untangling the logic we get to know where the receiver is directing its antenna to.
  • Slow observers at planes 1 2 3 4 operate through divergent logic in order to maintain the time-space opened
  • Fast observers in planes 5 6 7 provide the convergent logic
  • Planes that operate outside of the unfolding 8 9 10 synchronize both logics at plane 1

Through the Universal Perspective of the Unfolding of Time the Third Player (observer number 7) joins the game.

The UPUT originates from The Doubling Theory by Jean Pierre Garnier Malet. This theory proposes that the separation of time into past, present and future is just an illusion, because all three are actually taking place simultaneously. According to this theory the capacity of perception that people have reaches a ceiling at the fourth plane or "The Double” as Garnier named it. And who is this double according to Garnier? It is your "other self" existing at a faster speed who travels in no time to test the best future versions....or the less dangerous ones.

What is the contribution of the development of a Universal Perspective of the Unfolding of Time? The multidimensional nature of the self. Above the plane where time opens up (plane 4 of the double, the design, the traveler or the program) there is a logic (plane 5) that manages and filters possibilities from the quantum field (plane 6). These possibilities are provided by an initial observer (plane 7) or the vacuum, the founding emptiness or nothing(ness).

The faster planes (5, 6, and 7) are regarded as imperceptible fields by Garnier, but by adopting the UPUT we have gained access to them because all planes at once are operating on us.

By implementing the UPUT we are able to understand how the universe organizes space-time with one logic for each different speed.

Science has so far failed to demonstrate with the scientific method that purpose (information) comes before energy (existence - information in motion) as it can be deduced by applying this new perspective.

The founding vacuum (absence of existence) is recognized as the one who grants a loan to afford existence as his particular way of getting to know himself, by unfolding a cone of consciousness. The three times can also be regarded as characters or players: original (the instant), the double (the traveler) and finally the unfolded one (the slowest: each one of us as receivers).

This approach it is not about deriving existence to the double in order to improve one's experience (as in Garnier's proposal). The way to go is to setup/enable the actual essence or source that gives rise to this version of universe as the actual emitter to our receptor.

In this space-time we have an opportunity to transcend the limited energetic idea that the important thing for us is to enjoy our existence, so that we begin to be informed by the future, put in another way: stop having the past as the emitter and allow the purpose (future) to inform us in the present (point 0).

Alejandra Casado's explanation in the 1st video goes as follows:

"By getting the past observers to align with the observers of the future and for this alignment to take place we have to stop intervening. Ceasing to intervene and position ourselves at a point 0 will cause the past to meet the future and one to mutate the other, the future will certainly change the past".

We are to switch the logic of distortion by the logic of purpose, this means submitting the past (experience) to the origin and in return we receive the answer (purpose), the logic that held the distortion changes altogether and the suffering becomes plain fuel.

Pasado (past) + Presente (present) + Propósito (purpose)

17 17 17 as P is the 17th letter in the Spanish alphabet

17 x 3 = 51 or the logic in plane 1

As a receiver (1) is the result of its essence (7), the separation is only an illusion.

The universal perspective of the unfolding of time (UPUT) allows us to see how the separation of an instant in past, present and future occurs: an abstract identity without time unfolds in a virtual identity with a virtual time.

Opening up the linear experience:

Where both X and Y in fact are one, purpose (9) and existence (1) which is the same as saying male principle/female principle, question/answer.

The separation of time affords the exploration, the separation of the 25 pictures that make up our virtual reality, the real one is the point that does not exist and that upholds the exploration potential on the Y axis.

The vacuum (7) or non-existence goes down through the 0 point in plane 6 where all its possibilities lay, surpasses its border, watches itself showcased in the concrete plane 1, getting to know itself through the conflict or separateness.

This articulated by a logic (5) that renders function to the virtual identity, a divergent logic creating consciousness that consists on perceiving ourselves as separate elements and particular designs (4).

The lower half of an eight is at the same time half of the seven that triggers the 4 markers of a human design, the one that aims to replace the missing identity, compares itself to other designs and seeks protection & survival.

These blind spots or particular perspectives are within the design of a human being, they are unconscious, and simply because they cannot be seen they will operate on us by default.

This formerly veiled part is made conscious to us by means of the Global Convergent Logic (LGC in Spanish) as we assume the "non being" within, thus getting to know what was otherwise unconscious.

This text is a translation of a summary published in the first 3 numbers of the Argentinian UPUT magazine "Revista Lógica del Vacío". Many thanks to Analia and Yamila for granting permission to difuse they work.