Glendalyn Fodra

Glendalyn Fodra is a devoted physical therapist with 25 years of experience in various settings. She is also BLS certified and has mentored PT students. In her professional life, she’s devoted to teamwork and achieving excellence through patient care. Mrs. Fodra focuses heavily on skilled nursing and geriatrics, an interest fueled by her desire to improve the quality of life of her patients.

Glendalyn Fodra selflessly devotes all her time and efforts to caring for her patients, family, and friends. Her main goal is to help everyone around feel better and to provide a superior level of care and support. She is a devoted wife who enjoys taking care of the household and her children. She also volunteers with her youngest son’s swim meets and swim league during the summer.

When she’s not working, Mrs. Fodra enjoys watching movies, hiking, going to vacations and organizing celebrations and meals with her husband and three sons and within their tightly knit community of ten Filipino families.

Glendalyn Fodra is a seasoned professional in the field of physical therapy, and her success is based on strong family values, sound ethical principles, and a deep-seated sense of community, compassion, and understanding.

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