Glassford One Place Study

Glassford was a mining town established in Central Queensland in the late 19th Century, and abandoned by 1941.

The two mines were 'Blue Bag' and 'Lady Inez'. The township was a little distance away from the mine, and further to the east were the Chinese Gardens.

The area is now part of Dawes National Park, and the mine-site is now on the Heritage Register. There are two chimneys remaining on the site, along with slag heaps, brickwork, boiler tanks and other mining equipment. The cemetery is difficult to find, and there are no headstones, only 2 little plaques marking the places.

Map showing the streets in Glassford. There is no sign of them now.

Glassford is on the Queensland Heritage Register - details at this link.

Key Dates:

  • 1893 - Copper Load Discovered (but first mined for silver)
  • 1896 - Started mining gold, then copper
  • 1897 - a 10-head battery erected at Glassford Creek
  • 1900 - Boompa Copper Company plans for reverberatory smelters
  • 1903 - 1908 - Reverberatory Smelters in use
  • 1906 Water-jacket furnaces built
  • 1908 - Boompa Copper Company liquidated
  • 1915 - Water Jacket smelter dismantled
  • 1916 - Hunting & Clark took over Blue Bag Mine - new shaft sunk
  • 1920 - further mining undertaken (ore shipped to Chillagoe for treatment)
  • 1921 Mining ceased
  • 1941 - all buildings in the village removed.