Just Add Water - Reverse Engineering the Great Pyramid of Giza

April 8, 2012 - Began publishing videos on youtube

March 27, 2013 - Registered

April 6, 2013 - Created youtube channel exclusively for Great Giza Project videos

November 2013 - Corrected lower system flow thanks to photos pointed out by viewer

April 2014 - Donated noise canceling headset to improve audio quality of videos

November 2014 - Donated Dragon Naturally Speaking software so audio can be converted to text. (and allow for translation to other languages)

January 2015 - Announce offers for preview of book by request for more info.

June 2016 - As modeling grows, realized how some of the other structures interact with the system and was forced to correct some elevations of reactions.

Jan 2017 - Location for outside model located.

June 2017 - Upgrade audio source for recording

Man fears time, and time fears the pyramids, but the pyramids fear man.