GiveToSchool, Inc. is a charitable public 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to raising funds for New York City public schools serving primarily underprivileged minority students. Our mission is to help make the opportunity to succeed equal for all students.

GiveToSchool, Inc. Leadership

Maxim Vaysburd, Founder and Executive Director

I am currently a junior at Stuyvesant High School. There are very few hispanic and black kids at Stuy, and I would like to help to change that. From what I've been reading, many of the NYC public schools that teach mostly underprivileged minority students are underfunded. I've been thinking of what I myself could do to help those kids, so that they could get a better chance of getting into schools such as Stuyvesant. One way I can help is by raising money for the schools that need it most, focusing on specific items that will make the biggest positive difference to students - and that's the mission of GiveToSchool.

GiveToSchool, Inc. has been registered with the New York Attorney General's Charities Bureau and is fully authorized to fundraise in New York State for charitable and educational purposes. The 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status has been recognized by the IRS. Charitable contributions made to GiveToSchool, Inc. are tax-deductible in accordance with the law. EIN: 84-3142053.

GiveToSchool, Inc. is listed in the GuideStar database.

Financial and other information about the purpose, programs and activities of GiveToSchool, Inc. are available, upon request, from Maxim Vaysburd, Executive Director, GiveToSchool, Inc., P.O. Box 2593, New York, NY 10008-2593, or from the New York Attorney General's Charities Bureau, 28 Liberty Street, 15th Fl, New York, NY 10005.