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Here in this forum you will find all updates in the project. We have started this channel in 2018-11-01 (updated 2019-05-25) to effectively assist investors and stakeholders with current reports from the Board of Directors of the Company.

Business to Change Your Relationship With Beer

I would like to take you on a story that involves a man, a beverage, and a dream. I promise the story will be compelling and the ideas will be original...

My name is Roger. I hail from the fine land of Sweden. Throughout my lifetime, I have fallen in love with beer. Of course, the taste is magnificent, but the process is mesmerizing. Getting such a rich, flavorful refreshment from some barley and hops fascinates me. I traveled many areas of the world and found there were many types of beers and many types of brew pubs to enjoy the pairings of wonderful food with delicious beer. While I sat back at many of these establishments enjoying my time, I knew the world of breweries not only had a place for me, but I could actually influence people and their relationship with beer. I dreamed of creating a brand in which the beer was robust, the food was magnificent, and the atmosphere was exiting. People from around the world could enter my establishment and see how beer was made from working machinery. They could witness the magic behind the scenes and even experience a beer fresh from the barrels. And so, the journey to bring this dream to a life was begun.

Giuelith Breweries GmbH

Over he past few years, I have been busy developing three amazing ales, a pale ale, a strong beer, and a premium lager. I have spent years developing amazing beer recipes which will not be offered under the brewery Giuelith Breweries GmbH. My business plan is to pair these phenomenal beers with the perfect food to enhance the flavor of both the beer and the food. In Addition, Giuelith Breweries GmbH will house a brew station that will be available for guests to tour, learning about the process involved in making beer from beginning to end.

I have been working hard to get the business up and running. We are in the development stage and we need help. This is not an inexpensive endeavor. When all is said and done, we will need over $800,000 to open our brewery and get our name out. At this stage, I am looking for the initial start-up money of $50,000. This will help me finish our website and finalize production plans for the beer. From here, we will begin to seek investors to help us open our revolutionary brewery and begin to bring our dream to others.

How You Can Help

We are asking for your generosity to help us raise the necessary capital to start our journey. Please donate any amount you can afford. Every dollar helps bring us closer to our goal. In addition, please share our campaign with your circle of influence. The more people aware of our mission, the closer we will get to achieving our goal.

Giuelith Breweries GmbH

CEO Roger K. Olsson

A Preliminary Interest Report for Unlisted Shares - Giuelith Breweries GmbH

When you talk about stock trading, you usually think of listed shares. These are shares that are listed on one of the major trading indices such as DAX, TSX, Nikkei or Dow Jones. There are many shares that are not quoted on these indices and are therefore called unlisted shares. If you invested in unlisted growth companies last year, you may be entitled to deduct up to 50% of the investment amount in your declaration. We get many questions about the investment deduction and have also noticed that many people are not aware of the possibility of deductions.

Like the stock exchange, there is a secondary market for equities, but the difference is that it is about smaller companies that do not comply with stock trading requirements for immediate information, international accounting rules and complex company codes. Investors looking for unexplored opportunities can apply to these secondary stock markets. There is the opportunity to make bargains.

Smaller demands on stability and information imply greater demands on the investor's own analysis.

If you buy unlisted companies, you should be sure that you want to keep the shares for a long time. If very few or no shares change owners for a long time, the real market value is uncertain. Changes in the company may change the conditions and it is difficult to know if and when there may be buyers at the price you think the shares are worth.

We've held discussions about different methods and structures for a stock introduction through the Börse Frankfurt (Frankfurt Stock Exchange) - DAX, among other things. We have not yet made any decisive decisions or reached any crucial ruling on this issue, but we are open to proposals for Giuelith Breweries GmbH company structure listed on the stock exchange. We intend to initiate that dialogue and we propose an open offer for investors to provisionally announce their interest in buying shares at a price of EUR 0.48.

Issuing stock shares is often a vital part of starting a company.

A share acts as one vote in any voting started within the corporation.

The purschase price for Giuelith Breweries GmbH share is EUR 0.48:- per share.


Preliminary interest notification proposed to include 20 000 shares means EUR 9600:-.

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Giuelith Breweries GmbH

CEO Roger K. Olsson

Giuelith Breweries GmbH getting presented with new opportunities

Boards and Commissions advise 2018-11-02

How do I fund my project in a sustainable way so that I can get started with the business and to create the incentives that are most important for harmonious development based on needs and demand? We have discussed this during many matters in board meetings. If we had an easy way to steadily move forward in the different stages of development, then we probably would not have had all the knowledge about this with us in the skills. Now that we have encountered various restrictions and barriers out there, we have also reached a new level into a process that is of a more distinctive nature and very realistic in all that we enter. What has grown out of all the issues raised in the constuctive dialouge is the structure that the project and the company will manage. Fantastic, right? Purely theoretically, this is what you call entrepreneurship for professional experience or business standing with the continuing development (project management). Let me explain structurally how the business plan system can be developed. The options are many and very crucial for the company's culture and further development. The first thing to consider in the financing issue is of course a long-term loan with a good interest rate (companies can get such loans from the Deutsche Bank). The second is to try to find more owners of the business and thus bring new capital to development. Last but not least, you have your "God" with you, so you can get a tax-free gift from above. Of course, I am referring to crowdfunding, which has become an increasingly common phenomenon in which capitalists simply support the project they are aware of and which in some way relate to them.

To explain simply and at the same time summarize our business plan, which of course does not work for all businesses to implement as result of a shortcut to success, this is based on an individual review. So we have a versatile but limited leadership of the business and the project has so far identified some crucial steps for the development process. We have to report this to our investors and for the support we have received and which we need. You agree, first and foremost, that a business activity should be sustainable from the outset so that the economic calculation is optimized, so to say. We have allocated an initial capital for development, promoted from individual savings, but also from a number of donations. This capital must be managed in such a way that it results in return on capital and steady continuous income for business development. Getting started with the launch and sale of products as soon as possible is extremely important, as it provides revenue in a very short time. But perhaps the most important thing about having a product to market is to get an effective opportunity to integrate the company with the market, but it can be a cost-effective development step if marketing is done properly.

The two other factors that concern future financing of production, product development, structure and marketing of the company are equally important to discuss openly, in order to exchange knowledge and experience, and to make decisions more wise. The bank loans is a question we still treat today as a tool for tax reduction in profits within the company. However, the first factor is, of course, the leadership, we need to add business expertise. Here we would like to see an alternative in any type of joint venture agreement, we also value a direct ownership in the company that provides reliable business skills. Such a direct ownership may be a person who have knowledge and experience of investment banking, financing, fund management, or what is specific to the business, beer production, and brewery development. Here we provide these persons to contact us for a equity share.

Read more about the new brewery and restaurant that we are building and how you can support us through crowfunding

Giuelith Breweries GmbH

CEO Roger K. Olsson

Connection or comparsion between the billionaire and the elite

Distribution of wealth

Research reveals the fact that more than two thirds of adult people own less than $10000 in personal wealth which represents approximately 3% of the total global wealth. This research also shows that relatively wealthy people that is those with assets exceeding $100,000 represent less than 9% of the global population and yet they control over 85% of the available global wealth. Furthermore, it is known that the majority of millionaires is located in European and Western countries. More than two thirds of this species are found in North America and Europe and when looking at the US alone they are host to 43% of the worlds millionaires. Outside of the Western hemisphere the countries with mentionable mention as far as millionaires is concerned is Korea, Japan and China. Those people with personal wealth exceeding $30 million own almost 13% of the available global wealth and yet they represent only 1% of the global population. The 10 wealthiest people on Forbes list of billionaires combined has considerably more money than countries such as Nigeria, Iran and Belgium.

Wealth realities

When looking at global health distribution it quickly becomes that the super-rich such as Carlos Slim Helú from Mexico, the investor Warren Buffet and Bill Gates from Microsoft have an extraordinary amount of global wealth centralized between them and this makes them very big shots as far as the global economy is concerned. The question asked by average people is how does this influence them and is it really a good thing that individual billionaires has that much influence? Many people when questioned will condemn such inequality but economist with evidence based on intensive research may not agree. There seem to be evidence that inequality can boost economic growth because the super-rich is in the position to concentrate their wealth where it can do the most good and actually benefit people indirectly involved in those ventures. Being extraordinary rich makes it possible to finance other people’s initiatives and in doing so create opportunities for people who may otherwise be left out in the cold. Also, their tax contributions enable government to accomplish much more and these billionaires have often multiple programs in place that makes a huge difference in people’s lives.

Billionaires making a difference

There can be no doubt that billionaires with open hands and hearts such as Warren Buffet and Bill Gates with their giving pledge promotion is making a huge difference to many communities. In the end one must remember that wealth is accumulated by carefully keeping to established business principals that involves income, expected growth, expenditures, budgeting and available finance and the primary objective of that business is to prosper and therefore money donated or used to finance exterior initiatives likewise have to be carefully managed and those initiatives must be worthwhile and should make a notable difference in the lives of many people.

A short history

Recorded history tells us that beer is in fact one of the oldest man-made beverages dating back to 5000 BC. It was first produced in ancient Iran but it is also evident from early Egyptian and Mesopotamian writings that they too were fully aware of the unique properties of fermented beer. Today this early discovery is enjoyed by millions of people across the globe. The World's Best Beer according to research is Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout followed by Westvleteren and Heady Topper. Pure blond is a beer product that was made available on the Australian market in 2004. This is essentially a low carb beer which has 70% less carbohydrates than other lagers on the market with an alcohol level of around 4.5%. Following in the blonde beer tradition is Giuelith Premium Lager coming from a reputable German brewery. They also have other brands such as Giuelith Brauhaus and Giuelith Premium Pils all of which is brewed with the same skill as other products coming from this company.

The fermentation processes

Most beer drinkers are ignorant of the science behind the fermentation process. Beermakers has always known that just about any cereal with sufficient amounts of internal sugar will lend itself to spontaneous fermentation. Beer became commercially available when sufficient amounts of domesticated cereal was harvested. When speaking of a premium lager this describes a beer which is somewhere between a pilsner and a pale lager. Many beers are marketed as premium lagers while they technically are not true premium lagers. A genuine premium lager is those with a light bronze to a deep gold color and they will have a unique hops and malt influence. They should be free of additives and they have a softer carbonation than traditional German pilsner and pale lagers. Fermentation of this product will run over 4-6 weeks very similar to those for pilsners. Alcohol levels will range between 4.5 and 5.5% resulting in an excellent end product which is enjoyed with satisfaction all over the world. It would have been interesting to compare the very first beer with those which are available today.

An investment opportunity

Beer is one of the most popular beverages on the planet and when it comes to private label beer brands, these things create lucrative opportunities for prospective investors. There can be no doubt that the Giuelith Premium Pils Private Label Brand Project 2019 will be no exception and buyers of the beer is expected to purchase increasingly larger amounts of this high-quality product. Giuelith will Supply the beer in large quantities and this will definitely mean a high return on investment for visionary investors. Investing in beer is to invest in one the oldest cultural legacies in human possession. Not only does it remind us of the ingenuity of our forebears but it adds that special element to celebrations, family gatherings and sports activities. Our brand will be Commercially available in sufficient quantities and this will ensure huge opportunities for our investors.

Giuelith Breweries GmbH

Our marketing strategy will be based mainly on ensuring customers know what need the product(s) is able to fulfill, and making the right product and information available to the right target customer. Hence we intend to implement a market penetration strategy that will ensure that we are well known and respected in our respective industry. We will ensure that our products' prices take into consideration people's budgets, and that these people appreciate the product(s) and know that it exists, including where to find it. However these prices will also take into consideration the cost of production and distribution so as to ensure that we remain viable and operational. The marketing effort will convey the sense of quality and satisfaction in every picture, every promotion, and every publication. Our promotional strategy will involve integrating advertising, events, personal selling, public relations and direct marketing. In the long term Internet marketing shall also be undertaken, details of which are provided in the marketing section of the following plan.

Our target markets will primarily constitute the corporate and working class who appreciate good quality traditional beer. The working class will range from the miners, who constitute a large portion of the market, to administrative personnel appreciative of good quality traditional beer. The corporate or managerial segment will constitute those managers, who though aware of their image and reputation, want to put aside their ties and jackets after hours and/or on weekends to drink good traditional beer, easily accessible in the urban areas. The common bond will be the appreciation of a good-quality traditional brew able to fulfill their thirst. Giuelith is primarily targeting a market share of 6% to attain sales of approximately $1.5 million in our initial year or 2020. Giuelith Breweries GmbH will pride itself on its production ability, competitive prices, its high standards of quality and its adaptability to changes in the market and in the method of its practice.

It is important to recognize that we do not intend that our tangible resources alone will make us potent competitors but more so our intangibles, such as our ability to relate to consumers, management style, corporate culture and commitment. These elements will differentiate us from our competitors and contribute towards the development of a sustainable competitive advantage.

We intend to compensate our personnel well, so as to retain their invaluable expertise and to ensure job satisfaction and enrichment through delegation of authority. Our compensation will include health care, generous profit sharing, plus a minimum of three weeks vacation. As an equal opportunity employer, we respect the diversity and human rights of our people, and strive to achieve optimal productivity, while realizing each employee's full potential. Awards will be given out to outstanding individuals, groups and plants for hard work and production so as to instill a sense of fun and promote the maintenance of high standards. By encouraging all employees close to our customers to think tactically about what Giuelith Breweries GmbH service offerings should be, and by having enthusiastic, capable and empowered people interacting with our customers, we build the competitive advantage of being able to meet our customers' needs better than anyone else.

Giuelith Breweries GmbH intends to provide the customer with more than just a traditional brew. We intend to provide a quality brew that will not only be refreshing and pleasurable, but also encourage gatherings and sharing of fun. Our customers are assured of products that have been produced using the highest quality standards.

Giuelith Breweries GmbH

CEO Roger K. Olsson

Explanation of the IFS and BRC certified beverages

What is the purpose of IFS and BRC certification?

There is an incredible amount of consumer products available on this planet. Many come from reputable manufacturers who are committed to provide the customer with extraordinary value and therefore they have long term plans in place to ensure that the consumer will always be completely satisfied with the products coming out of their manufacturing plants. Unfortunately, not every manufacturer puts the consumer first, many of them is just in it for a quick buck and therefore they manufacturer the product as cheaply as possible without ensuring that the product will be durable and long lasting. The same thing happens in the food and beverage producing industries where products often is produced which is sometimes barely fit for human consumption and most of the time the consumer is highly disappointed that they have been conned into purchasing a product which should have never appeared on the market in the first place.

Certification makes the difference

Certification forces the manufacturer to comply with certain minimum standards when producing consumer products. Some manufacturers never obtain certification from the IFS and BRC because there are still millions of consumers who are gullible enough to believe the empty promises which is made by disreputable manufacturers. However, an extraordinary amount of information about consumer products is now available online and therefore it is becoming increasingly difficult for manufacturers to get away with shoddy products. However, Giuelith breweries have every intention to become the best brewery on the planet and they are determined to consistently produced beer products which will be to the satisfaction of consumers globally. This is why IFS and BRC certification is important to Giuelith and they are eager to comply with the rigid standards which is demanded by these consumer protection organizations. Giuelith has a vision for the future of their product as well as long term objectives which will ensure that they will eventually be recognized as a repeatable leader not only in the German beer producing industry but also globally. Quality and complete consumer satisfaction is values which is earnestly pursued by Giuelith.

What this means to consumers and investors?

So many entrepreneurs stumble upon a remarkable business concept, but they lack the planning, the organization and the financial discipline to operate this business in such a way that it not only survives the startup phase but goes on to become highly competitive and profitable. Research shows that over 50% of new businesses fail within the first two years. However, in Giuelith both investors and consumers have a brewery in the old and trusted German tradition. They have no need to start from scratch like genuine startup companies do because the foundation has already been laid in 1516 and all that Giuelith has to do is to continue to follow in the footsteps of People such as Duke Wilhelm IV of Bavaria and others like him who has made the German beer industry the market leader that it is today.

Blonde Premium Lager

What is it?

Pure blond is a product which was introduced to the beer drinking public in 2004, but since then many low carbohydrate beers have been developed and those brands have grown in popularity over the years. The concept however, was by no means a new one because many diet versions have been in circulation for decades. It seems that the term blond beer is simply more appealing to consumers than those which were used in connection with earlier diet versions. The Giuelith Premium Pils Private Label Brand Project 2019 is therefore something which should be of particular interest both to consumers of beer and to investors. This imitative is launched by a reputable German brewery and some of the products which will be released is Giuelith Premium Pils, Giuelith Brauhaus and Giuelith Premium Lager. These products may not be the World's Best Beer yet but every attempt is made to turn it into a remarkable brand which will satisfy every connoisseur. The products are commercially available and buyers of the beer should have no problems in laying their hands on this sought-after product.

Realistically speaking

The truth is all beers are comparatively low in the carbohydrate department because most of those carbohydrates is converted into alcohol during the fermentation process. Beer therefore contain less carbohydrates than most other beverages. Fermentation turns the complex sugars in carbohydrates into simple sugars and this is the job of enzymes that naturally occur within all types of domestic grain. During the fermentation process yeast aid in converting simple sugar into alcohol and dioxide as well as the flavors which will be present in the end product. Commercial breweries supply the beer to the consumer with less than 10g of carbohydrates per 330ml bottle which is less than the amount found in either milk or fruit juice. It is for this reason that some manufacturers of beer claim that there is no need for diet versions or blond lagers because most beers are already well below the average as far as carbohydrates is concerned. Nevertheless, blond lager brands have grown in popularity and a substantial demand for this product exist in the market and breweries will always attempt to give the consumer what they want.

Giuelith Premium Lager

The German breweries has been market leaders for decades and Giuelith breweries is no exception and this is why the opportunities which Giuelith Premium Pils Private Label Brand Project 2019 provides to investor and the beer consumer market in general should not be overlooked. This is a viable opportunity which is certain to generate a generous return on investment and it is certain that it will attract a lot of interest which is why the opportunity should be ceased with both hands in order to avoid disappointment. In only 14 years the demand for blond lagers and related products has grown at an astonishing rate and that demand is expected to rise further as more products become available thereby providing the consumer with more products to chose from.

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Improving Your Odds for Financial Success-Why Franchising Makes Good Business

At this moment, thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs are wrestling with one big question -- "Should I start my own business from scratch or buy a franchise from an established company?" To tackle this issue, it might be good to start with some cold, hard facts. Statistics published by the US Department of Commerce indicate that the risk of business failure is dramatically high among do-it-yourself business owners. While 80% to 90% of start-up businesses fail in the first few years, only 10% of franchise businesses fail. A 90% success rate for franchised businesses might seem impressive, but the success rate can climb even higher in niche franchise categories, such as specialty foods and drinks.

The Irish Pub Company, a supplier of authentic building materials for Irish pubs and related construction consulting services in the United States, reports that 99% of their 250 pubs developed since 1997 are still in business. Compare this 99% success ratio to the meager 20% success rate of all food and beverage ventures in their first year, and you can see why we chose a pub-style concept for our current franchise system. The customer base in pubs is more loyal because of the home-like atmosphere, and the higher beverage-to-food sales mix strengthens the bottom line in this type of concept. This is another way to further leverage the power of franchising to improve your odds of success.

These numbers have not gone unrecognized. Savvy business owners have taken notice of the franchise industry's impressive track record. As of 2001, there were more than 750,000 franchise businesses in the United States, providing nearly 10 million jobs to the US economy and generating $229 billion in annual payroll. Since the late 60's franchising has ballooned to produce goods and services worth just under $625 billion per year. That's 4% of the private sector's output in the largest economy in the world! Other side benefits are propelling this growth as well: the American Dream of owning your own business, being your own boss, and leaving a "legacy" to your family are just a few of the reasons that entrepreneurs are turning to franchising.

One reason the franchise model succeeds is because its built on the expensive learning curve incurred by others. For example, during the development of the concept for The Lion and Rose Restaurant and Pubs, my wife and I traveled the globe to gather information and "pick the brains" of leaders in the pub business. We spent a small ransom in time and money on test kitchens and top culinary chefs, not to mention food costs, all to create a proven, proprietary menu. We also devoted countless hours evaluating the latest software programs to manage and simplify the back end operations. Our personal learning curve included automating an inventory system to maximize productivity and minimize errors. Additionally, we evaluated and selected the best programs to seamlessly manage the accounting, recipe files, and POS system. This type of legwork pays immediate dividends to new franchisees, who are free from the beginning to generate business. On the marketing and training side, franchising provides the use of well established trademarks and recognized logos, as well as comprehensive operations/training manuals. And it's the franchiser's responsibility to provide ongoing support and training as well.

Franchising makes sense because it typically reduces your risk as a business operator to work within an established system and brand vs. rolling the dice with a new and untested concept. Most Americans have come to rely on the consistency and perceived reliability of branded services, whether they're fast food, janitorial services, financial advisors, tax preparers, or full service restaurants. With all of the opportunities available, the timing could not be better for those looking to get in to their own businesses through franchising.

The spirit of American entrepreneurship is alive and well, and being strengthened every day through the leveraging power of franchising. Hard work is a requisite for any new business venture. But with the proven franchise systems available today, that hard work is much more likely to pay big dividends.

Allen Tharp is a veteran entrepreneur and owner of The Lion and Rose Restaurant and Pubs franchise system based in San Antonio, Texas. For more information, visit

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Top 3 Nordic Berries and Health Their Benefits

The Nordic landscape is easily recognized by its beautiful cloudy mountains, it's open spaces, deep dense pine tree forests with fresh and cooling air and clean water. Eatable animals such as lamb, elk, deer roam the wood and everyone can forage for wild berries, fruit and mushrooms, as well as catch fishes of many kinds. All key ingredients in the new Nordic kitchen, which is gaining popularity rapidly due to restaurants such as Noma and some of the best gourmet chefs of the world.

Surprisingly to many, simplicity is one of the main characteristics of the Nordic cuisine. Nordic cooking is based on a lot less ingredients than many other cuisines and on more high-quality ingredients cultivated in the cold and dry Nordic climate, which significantly influences the flavour of each dish.

The unique summers are short, but features long days with a beautiful midnight sun, and hence the very short growing season. This tends to result in a brief explosion of fresh and tasty ingredients such as especially wild berries, delicious fruit and beautiful mushrooms. The long and cozy winters in our special part of the world has made the Scandinavians become experts at preserving food in order to store the summer ingredients.

The berries are what make the cuisine unique. Especially cloudberries, blueberries and buckthorn berries. They can be found in all kinds of dishes and grow wild in the nature, so that everyone can pick them up freely. Their health benefits are many and traces of their use go back all the way to the times of the Vikings who brought cloudberries with them on their journeys to avoid loss of vitamin C.

Cloudberries are the most popular berries in Norway. It's eaten during Christmas and used all year round for a number of purposes. It is considered THE Norwegian berry and considered a national treasure. Scarce and not easy to propagate, they are not commercially grown. Cloudberries are quite similar to raspberries, but a little bit bigger in size with a sweet/ tart apple flavour. Rich in Vitamin C, they are a natural choice for recipes requiring berries, and have considerable benefits especially for healthy gums and sound teeth. The rich berries and their many health benefits were already discovered by the Vikings and it is still being recognized as one of the most tasty and healthy berries around, but unfortunately it's also a lot more pricey than any other berry due to the rarity of this wonderful orange treat.

Next to Strawberries, blueberries rank second in popularity of berries worldwide. There are cultivated and wild blueberries to be found, the latter being more tart in flavour. Being very low in calories and plentiful of nutrition it is suggested you have a bowl of raw blueberries once a day. Blueberries have been enjoyed by Native Americans for hundreds of years. In the Nordic countries you find them in the forests, and the Scandinavians have so many great child memories from picking blueberries in the deep pine tree forests.

Buckhorn Berries or Sea Buckhorn has been a source of food and medicine for centuries in China and Russia. The berries are quite tart, sort of like sour orange with a hint of mango. Some people also compare them to pineapple. This small berry offers an impressive combination of nutrients, vitamins and superior health benefits. Believe it or not, it is actually very easy to find buckthorn and collect them yourself. These berries even grow in Copenhagen. In the summer, many Danes can be seen collecting these berries themselves and it has become something of a trend In Denmark. The sea buckthorn berry is a powerful source of Omegas 3, 6, and 9. It's considered a real super fruit.

When visiting the Nordic countries, one should try tasting some of the delicious berries combined with the Nordic healthy dinner recipes that recently have become so popular all over the world. The Nordic kitchen is here to stay and the restaurant Noma has proved it by being awarded the best restaurant in the world more than three times during the last couple of years.

Which berry is your favorite berry?

Julie Karla is an international food journalist and food blogger who is also known as the founder of, and creator of the healthy carrot cake recipe based on Nordic ingredients

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