Latin American Summit of Public Leadership for the Triple Impact Economic Reactivation

On May 26, 27 and 28, 2021, the Latin American Public Leadership Summit for the Triple Impact Economic Reactivation will be held for the first time, organized by Sistema B, CAF, IDRC, UNDP and SEGIB.

The purpose of the Summit is to create a space for the dissemination of the new economies as the new horizon of collective political opinion and to place the economy -macro and micro- at the service of large-scale social and environmental solutions and to put the economy - macro and micro - at the service of large-scale social and environmental solutions.

Through inspiring technical talks and with working groups on: BIC Societies, Triple Impact Public Procurement and Institutional Frameworks for Investments and Impact Businesses, this meeting seeks to form a visionary and concrete concept, promoting frank and first-hand dialogues, in order to share existing and innovative proposals from the New Economies.

It is expected the participation of senior officials and important leaders of the region committed to the new economies; advisors with proven experience in triple impact economy; and public servants of the State, those who, due to their interest in politics as a tool for economic transformation towards triple impact, will work and co-create the bases of the First Latin American Community of Protagonists of Triple Impact Economic Public Policies.


The crisis generated by the COVID-19 pandemic puts us face to face with the great challenge of reactivating Latin American economies and it is of the utmost importance that we do it in an inclusive, equitable and regenerative manner, on the basis of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) as stated in the 2030 United Nations (UN) Agenda.

In this context, Sistema B International created the International Work Group for Economic Reactivation (GITRE for the Spanish acronym), made up of professionals from all Latin America with the aim of supporting you and your team to, with your leadership, be able to manage, design and implement policies and initiatives that will work towards economic reactivation, redirecting market efforts to a virtuous circle in the economic, environmental and social spheres.

The search for a change in the

business paradigm:

Para que más empresas, personas e instituciones se comprometan a incrementar su impacto socio ambiental positivo, necesitamos conectar el mundo público con el privado. Necesitamos promover políticas públicas e involucrar a más personas que quieran hacer posible este cambio en la economía. Por esta razón, Sistema B promueve desde 2014, a través de la comunidad de Abogados B (hoy Red Latinoamericana de Abogados de Impacto), estudios y discusiones entorno a los temas legales más relevantes para el cambio en las reglas de juego en lo económico-corporativo de la nueva economía: desde el desarrollo del lenguaje legal de las empresas B, hasta promover cambios en las regulaciones o prácticas del mercado.

La RLAI se construyó sobre el conocimiento desarrollado junto con Sistema B a través de los grupos locales de Abogados B de los diferentes países de la región, quienes por ejemplo lograron presentar proyectos de ley para el reconocimiento de las Sociedades de Beneficio e Interés Colectivo, y redactaron en cada país el lenguaje legal para las Empresas B.

valuable material

Consolidation GITRE

In the context of the current crisis and understanding the post-pandemic as an opportunity for a triple impact economic recovery.

V Space for Triple Impact Economic Reactivation

Concrete public policies in response to COVID-19 and the economic reactivation towards the 2030 agenda