The Gluten Intolerant Options Program (G.I.O.) was designed to allow students with a gluten dietary restriction to swipe for a gluten-free item at no-additional charge*. Students on this program must submit proper documentation and be approved by the Campus Dietitian. Students not on this program can still get gluten-free items at dining locations by simply paying an additional fee.

Below is a list of locations on campus that offer a gluten-free item:

Tilley Student Center

Fuego: Burrito Bowl (Bonus Swipe) or Chicken Talavera (PLUS+ Swipe)

Farmer's Field: Any Salad Combination Not Containing Gluten Options (Bonus Swipe)

Umai: White Rice or Rice Noodles, Plain Chicken, 3 Hot Toppings, Yum Yum Sauce (Bonus/PLUS+ Swipe)

Chick-Fil-A: 8-Count Grilled Nuggets or Grilled Chicken Sandwich on GF Bun and Waffle Fries (PLUS+ Swipe)

SubConnection: Gluten-Free Sandwich on Gluten-Free Flatbread With Whole Fruit or Chips (Bonus/PLUS+ Swipe)

Natural!: Classic or Refresh Smoothie (PLUS+ Swipe)

Montview Student Union

Argo Tea: Pomegranate Pistachio Raw Bar, Chocolate Caramel Brownie, or Spiced Ginger Raw Bar and Signature Classic or Brewed Coffee (PLUS+ Swipe)

Garbanzo: GF Pita Plate (Chicken, Rice, Lettuce, Hummus, Cucumber/Tomato Salad, One Sauce ) (PLUS+ Swipe)

StarGinger: Chicken or Vegetable Pho Noodle Bowl (PLUS+ Swipe)

The Grid: Gluten-Free Salad or Gluten-Free Muffin and Coffee (Bonus/PLUS+ Swipe)

Hey Cow!: Mexi-Cali Turkey Burger & Potato Chips (Bonus/PLUS+ Swipe)

Woodfire Pizza: 10” Personal Pizza on Gluten-Free Crust (Cheese, Pepperoni, or Veggie) (Bonus/PLUS+ Swipe)

Tinney Cafe

Starbucks: Grande Brewed Coffee or Grande Iced Coffee With A Marshmallow Dream Bar (PLUS+ Swipe)

Individual Locations

Doc's Diner: Grilled Chicken Salad or Burger Without a Bun and Green Beans (Bonus/PLUS+ Swipe)

Hilltop Pizza: Gluten-Free Wrap or 10” Personal Pizza on Gluten-Free Crust (PLUS+ Swipe)

Simply-To-Go (Medical School): Gluten-Free Salad

Dunkin’: Gluten-Free Brownie & Medium Brewed Coffee (PLUS+ Swipe)

Baskin Robbins: Pre-dipped, 2 scoop cup (PLUS+ Swipe)

Cravings Food Truck: Chili and 1/2 Garden Salad (PLUS+ Swipe)

If You Have A Gluten Restriction, Please Fill Out This Form. After Completion, Email Form to the Campus General Manager, Noriyuki Yamashita for More Information!

*Students on the GIO program may only swipe for the GIO option and not any other swipe option.