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Conversations about small business and micro enterprises from starting up to growth and then selling up...

After Covid... A Five Chairs Conversation.

Four business owners - James, Martin, Ismaila and Peter get together to discuss life after Covid, resilience and how we can help each other.

The next 5 Chairs Conversation will be on the topic of 'How to build and online and offline reputation" if you would like to be a part of that email martin at

Back in 2017 we organised the Micro Marketing 3 Perspectives event. It went quite well...

Now we have recovered from that! In 2020 we are going to do the "Freelancers Summer Festival"

The #MM3 event was about: Three speakers

  • Martin Gilchrist - Business Development Associate at Gilchrist & Co Ltd - Chartered Accountants.

  • Kyle Gawley - Founder and CEO at Get Invited.

  • Andrew Jarvis - Founder and Strategy Director at Eximo Marketing.

Supported by the event management team Kevin Young of Inmynd, Ross Moffett from Pop Up and Jo Rourke from Silver Tongue Translations, James Perry of James Perry Exam Coaching, Alison Matthews Founder of Virtuali Virtual Administrative Solutions and last but not least Michelle and James Gilchrist from Gilchrist & Co Ltd - Chartered Accountants.

We had invited you to join other passionate, creative, engaged and positive small business owners for three short talks which provided an insight on the importance of 'branding' (story telling) to small business.

With the Freelancers Summer Festival we not only want you to join us but also to share your knowledge, passion, story, expertise, song, poetry... The Freelancer Summer Festival will be an online 'un-conference' If you want be a part of it or find out more get in touch.

Want to find out more or be a part of it?

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