Services & fees

Gilchrist & Co 2023 Services and price list:

(exclusive of VAT)

Self Assessment Services:

Self assessment tax returns from £325.

Partnership tax returns from £325.

Tax supplement returns (such as rental supplements) £75.

Payroll Services:

PAYE registrations & de-registrations £150.

Earlier Year Update (EYU) submissions £100.

Payroll from £50 per month (for up to ten employees).

Covid19 JSS submission £150 per month + £5 per staff member claimed.

VAT Services:

VAT registrations & de-registrations £150.

VAT returns £175 per quarter.

Company Services:

Company accounts including corporation tax return from £600.

Dormant Company accounts £100.00.

Company registrations £100.

J30 Stock Transfer Form £100.00

Company DS01 Strike Off Applications £100.

Statutory returns (such as Companies House CS01 Submissions) from £75.

Other Services:

Charity Accounts and Independent Examiners Report £600.

Accountants Certificate & Tax Clearance letters £120.

Interim or Management Accounts £300.

Residential property return for Capital Gains Tax on disposal of property £300.

Other services from £75 per hour or part thereof (Fee agreed and fixed in advance)

On request we will provide Auto Enrollment Services although it is not part of our core package of services.

Auto enrolment set-up with NEST from £700.00.

Auto enrolment monthly administration £20 per month (for up to ten employees).