GHS EdTech Badges

Badge Options

What is a Badge?

You are awesome. We know that. But if you want to let EVERYONE know that, you need some EdTech Badges!

Remember how exciting it was to get a badge in scouts or a gold star on a test? EdTech Badges are a little like that. You learn something new, become a better teacher, AND get rewarded!

How do I get a badge?

Pick something techy you'd like to learn or already know how to do from the Badges tab above. Then complete the items on the list. Some badges require PD and others can be completed individually. Everything you need is on this site. Start with the green badges then really show your stuff by earning silver and gold!

Any questions on the details or calendars? Just email your ITRT!

What you GET

Obviously, the most important thing you'll earn is a sense of accomplishment and some major bragging rights. But you'll also get some other awesome things:


Digital badge for use in profiles, webpages, emails, Christmas cards, etc (impress your friends!)

Badge sticker for your door name sign (so everyone knows you know your stuff!)

Professional Recertification Points:

Green Badges - 5 points*

Silver Badges - 5 additional points* (that's 10 total!)

Gold Badges - 15 additional points* (now you're up to 25 points!)

*unless otherwise specified


Tired of sitting through training on stuff you know?

Badges can also earn you exemption from activities for which you hold a badge (as determined by your ITRT/Supervisor)

Sorry, I'm still confused

Alan teaches AP English and needs to renew his license this year. Plus, he wants to make a good impression on his principal. He has seen other teachers in his department using Google Forms with their kids to make grading faster. So, he clicks on Badges and finds the Google Forms badge. After a quick conversation with his ITRT, he's ready to try out Forms with his kids.

His quiz goes great! Grading takes moments instead of hours! He fills out the reflection survey and earns a shiny Green badge. Now, he has 5 recertification points, a sticker on his door, a big smiley face on his evaluation form, and time to finally catch up on Game of Thrones.

Go Alan!