Greater Houston Combined Training Association

GHCTA 2018 Board

Dear GHCTA Members,

I am super excited to announce the leadership role of President of GHCTA is now being fulfilled by Lucy Chalcraft and Vice President is now being filled by Laura Bolerjack. In addition, we have added some new faces that are energized and ready to take GHCTA to the next level.

My tenure as GHCTA President, Vice President, and Board Member at Large have been the best and most rewarding experiences. I am humbled by all of our amazing riders, coaches, facility owners, four-legged athletes, and even the naughty ponies that have crossed my path over the past 10+ years.

I am thrilled about the new opportunities ahead for GHCTA and all the great things that the members and board can be a part of.

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Here is the new GHCTA Board!!!!!!!!

President = Lucy Chalcraft

Vice President = Laura Bolerjack

Secretary = Sarah Goodyear

Treasurer = Holly Parks

Membership = Ruth Sawin

Member-at-Large: (Fundraising) Stephanie Tassos Reimers

Member-at-Large: (Banquet) Robbie Peterson

Member-at-Large: (Website / Communications) Katie Stripling

As always,


Mommy of "wow no more grammatically poor emails from her" paint pony

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