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A Piece of Advice

by Anissa Chavarria, 12th Grade

Being a part of the GeoTech Academy means being exposed to an abundant amount of resources and opportunities. My biggest piece of advice would be to take advantage of them. Going through high school can be intimidating at times but it is important to note that as the GeoTech family, we are here to benefit and support each other.

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Academy Mission

The GeoTech Academy is a small learning community funded through the California Department of Education, California Partnership Academies. Our mission is to serve students in the San Diego Unified School District who are interested in the field of engineering and design that focuses on clean technologies and sustainable building designs. Through mentorships, internships, guest speakers, and hands-on projects, GeoTech students are prepared to graduate ready for college, post-secondary training and careers with an understanding of engineering fields. The GeoTech Academy provides a close family-like atmosphere where students are provided with the necessary skills to set and achieve goals that will assist them in the future.

Academy Director - Jennifer Ducat - jducat@sandi.net