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Upcoming Events

  • GeoTech Leadership Team Meeting - First Monday of every month @ 1:30 PM

  • GeoTech is taking part in the SEI Energy Challenges throughout October!

Featured Student Blog Post

What GeoTech Means to Me

by Eric Williamson, 10th Grade

You would think I would have a simple answer, but in reality, I have no clue how to put this into a short and sweet format. GeoTech has shown me how to be a better person environmentally. I’ve learned the importance of connections and relationships. I’m given the chance to explore how the world works and how to better it. All of these things and so much more truly makes the GeoTech Academy an incredible and fulfilling path.

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Academy Mission

The GeoTech Academy is a small learning community funded through the California Department of Education, California Partnership Academies. Our mission is to serve students in the San Diego Unified School District who are interested in the field of engineering and design that focuses on clean technologies and sustainable building designs. Through mentorships, internships, guest speakers, and hands-on projects, GeoTech students are prepared to graduate ready for college, post-secondary training and careers with an understanding of engineering fields. The GeoTech Academy provides a close family-like atmosphere where students are provided with the necessary skills to set and achieve goals that will assist them in the future.

Academy Director - Jennifer Ducat - jducat@sandi.net