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When you ask, "how can nature be so beautiful?" then you need to read this page.


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Yes, that's right, the beautiful nature that you see every day is the result of the process of the geosphere phenomena, not only the beautiful nature but surely you have experienced natural disasters, this also includes the geosphere phenomena. A geosphere phenomenon is an event or natural occurrence related to geosphere elements.

The geosphere is a layer that includes all physical and non-physical components on the earth's surface, with elements namely the atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, and anthroposphere. The geosphere phenomenon is studied in geography

Geography is the science that studies geosphere phenomena through spatial, environmental, and territorial approaches

Okay, let's see an example that can explain the phenomenon!


Volcanoes, of course, you are wondering, why this beautiful natural formation could be formed, and what impact occurs when the volcano erupts and releases volcanic material.

Volcanoes are cavities or fissures in the earth's crust from which liquid flows out magma, gas, cold lava, sand, large rocks, and other volcanic materials to the earth's surface. Material that is erupted into the earth's surface generally forms a truncated cone.

Volcanoes are formed in four arcs, namely, the central arc of the continent, formed as a result of the division of continental crust; the continental margin arc, formed by the subduction of oceanic crust into continental crust; mid-ocean arc, caused by the expansion of the oceanic crust; and the bow of the ocean floor that occurs as a result of the breakthrough of alkaline magma in the thinning of the oceanic crust.

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