Rules and Scoring

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Rules Snapshot:

  • Omnium Scoring points found in the full race guide above.
  • Overall winners will be determined by the highest accumulated point’s totals. Riders may race individual races and are not required to race in all events, and WILL BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE OVERALL CHAMPIONSHIP.
  • Payout will be made Sunday *Top 3 in each category will be required to go to the podium immediately after each finish daily or forfeit prize money. No exceptions!
  • Each category must meet a minimum field to receive full payout per race. Fields not meeting minimums will be adjusted to the percentage of the field that is registered.
  • The Merckx Advantage Time Trial – The 7.5 mile rolling Time Trial on Saturday morning will have a twist. Any/All riders using aero equipment will receive actual race time BUT riders who complete the TT using a “Merckx Style” TT bike as defined by the following rules will get a :30 second deduction from their time. In addition to this change we have increased the number of places that get Omnium Points in the TT to match that of the RR’s and Criteriums. This will not eliminate the aero advantage but it will serve to equal the playing field just a bit. It will also make for interesting competition decisions as riders decide what is best for them within their category.

Here are the rules and regulations for “Merckx”. There will be a TVS staff member in the staging line to verify rider status of Merckx or Aero. You must declare status before the start to qualify for the advantage. This scoring method is used only for the OMNIUM. The results submitted to USAC for the TT will be on raw time only with no advantage. We feel this is fair and fun way to do the TT and allows riders without TT bikes to compete on a level field.

  1. No Teardrop Helmets(current aero Road helmets are ok) Ears CANNOT be covered.
  2. No aero wheels deeper than 50mm rims (ZIPP 404's are NOT PERMITTED)
  3. No aero bars of any size or length
  4. No shoe covers
  5. No Disc wheels
  6. Skinsuits are permitted.