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Become a Georgia runoff Voting Champion!

On January 5, 2021 there is an important runoff election for two Senate seats in Georgia. Tens of thousands of Georgia voters live overseas, but many of them may not know about how to vote in the upcoming runoff.

Talking to your friends is the single most important thing you can do to spread the word and make a difference. Be a Georgia Runoff Voting Champion and we will give you ideas and tools to make this easy.

How to be a georgia runoff Voting Champion

A Georgia Runoff Voting Champion is a person who visibly identifies themselves as an advocate for voting in the Georgia Runoff and helps Georgia voters to vote at every stage of the voting process. You help spread the word among your personal network about, about voting FAQs & deadlines for the runoff, and where to go to get more information.

Go to the "Quick Wins" page to see the list of easy to implement activities to reach Georgia overseas voters.

The VFA Voting Champion initiative provides resources and support to US citizens
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