12 Zodiac Animals

Chinese Astrology Animal Zodiac

The Chinese lunar calendar is based around the concept of 12 animal signs that collectively make up the Chinese Zodiac. The signs were originally conceived so that a chronology could be put in place by which time and dates of birth could be measured.

In the ancient Chinese culture, the number 12 was attributed a great deal of spirituality. The Chinese saw that one year would have 12 months and that there would be 12 full moons over any particular year. We should not perhaps be surprised that this method of representing dates would form the basis of Chinese astrology.

Each of the 12 animals has its own characteristics and each one is separate and distinct in many ways from the rest. Certain signs are more compatible with others while yet further combinations are considered distinctly incompatible.

This article provides a basic insight into the 12 animals.

The Rat

this is the first of the Chinese Zodiac signs and people born in the year of the rat are considered to be very instinctive, alert and adaptable/capable when mixing socially

The Ox

Second in line comes the zodiac ox sign which is believed to have the qualities of trustworthiness, persistence and to be honest. Individuals born under this sign are generally conservative people and very family facing.

The Tiger

Third sign in the sequence is Zodiac Tiger, sign favoured by the emperors and aristocrats of historical China. This is considered to be a regal sign. Those born under this sign are said to be aggressive, confident and a strong heart.

The Rabbit

People born under this sign make good friends and are very hospitable efficient and mild-mannered. They can also be considered hesitant however which means they may overlook good opportunities in life.

The Dragon

This is perhaps the most highly regarded sign of the Chinese Zodiac and is very prominent in the Chinese culture even in the modern age. Men and women born under this sign have a good moral centre, are straightforward and honest. These people can expect to have particularly exciting lives ahead of them.

The Snake

One of the less popular signs of the zodiac, it is said that individuals born under this sign are sly coming and good in the dark. On a more positive note they also said to be especially wise.

The Horse

This is considered to be the most energetic sign of the Chinese Zodiac and those born under it are generally believed to be friendly, easy-going and relaxed. They also considered to be quite independent and have great endurance when facing up to problems.

The Sheep

This is perhaps the most well-liked sign of the Chinese Zodiac and those associated with it are often among the most friendly people you will meet. They appreciate calmness and beauty.

The Monkey

The cleverest of the zodiac signs. These people are said to be energetic conversational versatile and exhibit great flexibility in their lives. They are happy to take on new challenges. They are also known to have a bit of a temper and can sometimes appear patronising to others.

The Rooster

People born in the Rooster year are said to be intelligent, expressive and ambitious. They sometimes lack motivation, especially if they don’t particularly believe in what they are doing.

The Dog

The most loyal of the zodiac signs, sincerity is at the heart of their character. They are also very adept at multitasking, able to manage several diverse challenges at the same time.

The Pig

A gentle sign of the zodiac, even-tempered, mild-mannered and straightforward. These are people who are invariably positive about life and the challenges ahead of them. However, this of course, makes them prone to exploitation.