Art + Design

Pieter Paul Pothoven, Lapis Lazuli from Serr-i-Sang, PuntWG, Amsterdam, 2015. Photograph by Gert-Jan van Rooij

Fashion machine

Mixed Media, Interactive installation, 2017

Conny Groenewegen, Laboratory for Critical Technics, Mediamatic, Officina Corpuscoli

The fashion industry is a beautiful and polluting business. The fast pace of clothing production accounts for overwhelming amounts of material and immaterial consumption, global-labor exploitation and environmental pollution. More. . .


HD video, 6 minutes, 2017

Erin Espelie, University of Colorado Boulder

Shot in reflection of a defunct iPad, splitting the screen, in-camera and out, this piece examines the "rare earths" or Lanthanide elements being mined at Mountain Pass in California, where tectonic upheaval undergirds the landscape. More. . .

Follow the Gold Silver, Copper, Iron # Metallurgy, Media, Minds

HD video; 4 videos looped, total length 21 minutes; 2015-2017

Patricia Pisters, Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis

These compilation films are part of a research project on the idea of ‘filmmakers as metallurgists’. Filmmakers and artists bend and shape our collective consciousness by mining the archives of our audio-visual past and by forming and transforming audio-visual memories. More. . .


Mixed Media; 2017

Marcel O'Gorman, Critical Media Lab, University of Waterloo Derridraw

"Derridraw" is an iterative series of critical response to Jacques Derrida's failed collaboration with architect Peter Eisenman to design a garden for Parc de la Villettte. The collaboration was documented in a book entitled Chora L Works, which serves as a growth medium for the plants in "Derridraw." More. . .


Mixed media; 2017

Adam Nocek, Ron Broglio, Paul Harris, Richard Turner, Lab for Critical Technics

Time/Shores, a multimedia installation that invites participants to contemplate the interactions of the geological and human histories of the desert southwest. Incorporating sculpture, video and interactive audio elements, Time/Shores invokes the underwater past and future of the desert. More. . .