The innovative platform to visualise public transport data for passenger information and operations

geo.zpheres allows the transformation of geographic paths into any desired form – while keeping the reference to the original geographic data. By creating a transformed data model (generated with geo.zpheres) in parallel to the geographic paths, geo.zpheres can show real-time objects running on the schematic paths. In addition, intuitive transformations can be generated which transform the original geographic data into the schematic shape. 


Use geo.zpheres to generate high quality and attractive print material for stops and stations.  This section shows you the available designs, speaks about the process and provides various examples


Use geo.zpheres within digital appearances such as Passenger information displays, Websites and Apps.  This section shows you examples for the use on various screens.


You seek to integrate new visualisation philosophy or new functionality to your systems? This section assists in navigating through the various integration options.