Gentle April


Attack of the Gentle April

Give in to gentleness, and continue to recover from the fabulously cold cruelty of Cruel January 2017. Twenty titles to enjoy, each under 2,000 words.

This all started with Aborigen, who casually said the following, back in December: "I'm thinking maybe I can stage the same thing in April, but for Gentle authors".

And just like that, it happened. Twenty-six authors added their names, and the vast majority of them turned in their stories, now published here anonymously. Read each, and evaluate it on its own merit. You may think you recognize a favorite writer's style, but try to be objective, and show no favoritism in your analysis. We want to know who's written the best Gentle story, after all.

Important note: It's a good idea to make a couple of notes about each story while or after you read it, so when the time comes to evaluate it using a soon-to-be provided form, you don't have to keep looking at it to connect titles with content, so as to make a corresponding analysis.

Now, you will have fun.

Now you can vote for your favorite stories. Choose your top three favorite stories in each category. The names of all authors and the winner of the contest will be announced soon. Click here to vote!