North fayette elementary counseling department

welcome letter from new school counselor

Welcome Letter From New School Counselor


All students have the ability to succeed academically.

All students have the ability to be resilient.

All students should have the opportunity to go to college.

All students will receive support from the counseling department through individual counseling, group counseling, and/or classroom lessons.

Vision Statement

The vision of North Fayette Elementary's Counseling Department involves empowering students to succeed academically, emotionally, and socially. As a leader in the school community, I will collaborate with my peers to foster a positive and supportive learning community that celebrates diversity. I hope to provide all students with the tools necessary to successfully transition to the next stage of their education.

Mission Statement

The mission of North Fayette Elementary school counseling department is to provide all students with equitable access to a data-driven, comprehensive counseling program. The counselor will collaborate with the school community to promote a positive school climate that is safe, inclusive, and accepting of all families. As an advocate for all students, the program seeks to identify and enhance the giftedness of every student by developing the whole child to their full potential.

Program Goals