Genesee ISD SAT Math

Tom Reardon

February 29 2024  TI contact: Michelle Grooms

Table of Contents PDF                                              Pages A1 - A6 and Answer Key PDF                                           

Pages 1 - 46 PDF                                                              PDF of PowerPoint of 'A+B+C+D' problem          

Pages 51 - 64 TI-84 CE Skill Builders PDF       TI-84 CE files in a zip folder

Pages 71 - 84 TI-Nspire Skill Builders PDF     TI-Nspire files in a zip folder

TI-Connect CE free software for TI-84 and TI-84 CE (to place files on calculators)

Transformation Graphing Families of Functions PDF of 250+ video links for students

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