A Large-Scale Grasping Dataset

for Multiple Dexterous Robotic Hands

MultiDex v1.0

We first collect a large-scale synthetic dataset for multiple hands with Differentiable Force Closure(DFC). It covers 436,000 diverse and stable grasps for 58 household objects from ContactDB and YCB datasets across 5 robotic hands:

  • EZGripper

  • Barrett Hand

  • Robotiq-3Finger

  • Allegro Hand

  • Shadowhand

A Walkthrough of MultiDex Dataset

Some samples from the dataset:

EZGripper + Clock

EZGripper + Apple

EZGripper + Binocular

EZGripper + Meat Can

Robotiq3F + Clock

Robotiq3F + Apple

Robotiq3F + Binocular

Robotiq3F + Mean Can

Shadow Hand + Clock

Shadow Hand + Apple

Shadow Hand + Binocular

Shadow Hand + Meat Can