Future of Hydrogen as Energy Carrier

12th of December 2018

In the context of the Partners' meeting of the GenComm project, we are glad to invite you to an open session entitled "Future of Hydrogen as Energy Carrier"


The Palace of the Academies

Program: Open session 12th of December

12:00 PM Registration and lunch

2:00 PM Welcome & Lead Partner Greeting (Francesco Contino, VUB / Paul McCormack, Belfast Met)

2:20 PM Investment Work Packages Presentation (10 min/presentation)

  • WP.I3 Wind energy to hydrogen (Mark Welsh, Viridian)
  • WP.I1 Biodigestion and circular hydrogen economy (Elizabeth Johnson, Pure Energy Centre / INSA Rouen / ENSICAEN)
  • WP.I2 Solar energy and hydrogen mobility (Bodo Groß, IZES)

3:00 PM Keynote 1 : Hydrogen in the energy transition: from niche to mainstream, the way forward (Denis Thomas, Hydrogenics, confirmed)

3:30 PM Keynote 2 : Hydrogen Mobility (Prof. Patrick Hendrick, ULB, confirmed)

4:00 PM Coffee break

4:30 PM Implementation WPs Presentation (10 min/presentation)

  • WP.T1 Technical model: from renewable energy to hydrogen (Lokmane Abdelouahed, INSA Rouen)
  • WP.T2 Economical model for hydrogen (Keiran McLaughlin, TK Renewables)

4:50 PM WP Long Term Effects Presentation

  • WP.LTE (Diederik Coppitters, Free University of Brussels, VUB)
  • WP.LTE Decision Support Tool (Rory Monaghan, NUI Galway)

5:10 PM Keynote 3: Beyond Hydrogen (Prof. Ulrike Krewer, TU Braunschweig, confirmed)

5:40 PM Concluding remark: Stéphane Nicolas, Director of the Office, Minister of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, responsible for Housing, Quality of Life, Environment and Energy

6:00 PM Close


The participation is free of charge but the registration is mandatory.