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Google Educators Groups bring Educators of India and around the world together to Share, Inspire, Learn and Empower each other. GEG Vellore was founded in September 2021 with the aim to connect with educators and share the best practices in using google tools and other resources to spice up the curriculum and engage the learners.

All the sessions by GEG Vellore will be free and open to educators around the globe.

Ms. Shahila Chandrashekar

Founder & Leader GEG Vellore

Google Certified Educator Level 1

Google Certified Educator Level 2

About me - I am a passionate educator with over 20 years of teaching experience. I love integrating technology in my teaching and like to devise new methods of teaching. A keen environmentalist and an ardent music lover. I have conducted many workshops and sessions for educators on various topics ranging from google tools, classroom management, lesson planning, competency based education, Padlet, capacity building in science, innovative teaching methods...