Welcome to the Google Educator Group of Michigan

GEGs are independently run communities of educators who inspire and empower each other to meet the needs of students through technology both in the classroom and beyond. Via face to face meet-ups and online activities, GEGs provide a way for educators who are passionate about education and technology to meet like minded people and share, learn, and collaborate together.

Joining the Google Educator Group of Michigan is a great way to:

  • Connect with other Google-using educators

  • Share Google-related resources, news, information, and best practices

  • Inform others about related professional development opportunities

  • Ask questions

Group Guidelines & Etiquette

Be nice

We're all part of the same community, so be friendly, be welcoming, and generally be a nice person. Be someone that other people want to be around.

Be respectful and constructive

At times GEGs may be composed of very different types of educators ranging from public to private school educators, to educators from pre-schools to high schools and Universities, so we're not going to agree all the time. Remember to be respectful and constructive with your communication to your fellow GEG'ers. Don't get into flamewars, don't make personal attacks, don't vent or rant unconstructively. Everyone should take responsibility for the community and take the initiative to diffuse tension and stop a potential flamewar or negative thread as early as possible.

Be collaborative

Work together! We can learn a lot from each other. Share knowledge, participate in the Goole Groups, and help each other out.


This is YOUR community, so be a part of it! Join in on discussions, show up for in-person meetings regularly, offer feedback, and offer to help implement that feedback!

Step down considerately

If you're a leader, or have some form of responsibility in running a GEG, be aware of your own constraints. We all know that life can get busy, so if you know that a new job or family situation will impact your ability to organize your group, find a way to step down gracefully. Make sure someone can take over for you, and transfer the relevant information (contacts, passwords, etc.) for a smooth transition.

In particular, please observe some basic etiquette for online discussions.

Think before you send

Does this message need to go to hundreds of people around the world? Keep off topic conversations to a minimum.

Do not send spam

Do not advertise or promote personal projects which are off topic.

*These guidelines are modeled after the Ubuntu Code of Conduct, and likewise licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0.

Some things to note:

  • GEG activities take place both online and offline.

  • GEG Michigan will have at least four events per year.

  • GEG events can vary in format, subject, style, and length. Some may be formal, some may be network focused, some may be offline while others are run entirely online.