Google Educator Group of North Texas

North Texas GEG will connect passionate local educators together in person and online to learn, share, and inspire one another. Members will discuss the benefits of technology to schools, classrooms, and communities across the world—both online and at locally run events offline to provide a forum for North Texas educators to collaborate, share, and support each other.

What is a GEG?

GEG stands for Google Educator Group. You may be a principal, a school administrator, a professor, a student, or just someone interested in using Google products to help people learn. Each group is organized by local volunteers (GEG leaders) and is entirely independent from Google, the corporation.


Our theme for this year is catalyst. We know we're still learning and growing post-pandemic, so we hope with this theme, we'll be inspired to transform the way we use technology (and Google tools) for teaching, learning, and leading.

We plan to hold quarterly meetings (virtual for now) and you may find all details on our Events Page.

If you have an idea for a learning opportunity, and event, or a potential guest, complete the form below.

Connect with us!

We'll share primarily through Twitter, so follow us @GEGNorTX and share your ideas using #GEGNorTX!